Nursing & Health Sciences

Faculty Tip Sheet for Re‐Entry: Procedures

For Students in Good Standing

  1. Faculty advisors meet with student in good standing who is seeking re‐entry
    1. Students in good standing are generally students who left the program without failing classes for an emergent and/or personal reason
  2. Students who have been away for greater than 2 semesters fall into a category for which a re‐start of the program is needed.
  3. Students in good standing who have been away for 2 or fewer semesters may reapply to progress to the semester following the one that was last successfully completed.

For Students Who are Failing

Mid term (suggested actions/not part of re‐entry policy)
  1. Course faculty notify students who are at risk of failing their course
  2. Use email to notify student and welcome to meet with them to make a plan for improvement
  3. Document plans formed with the student for improvement/student given a copy
  4. File in Student File.
End of semester
  1. Course faculty complete “Course Form: Grade Less than “C”/Course Failure”
    1. Document initiatives taken/not taken by student to improve during the semester to avoid failure.
    2. Forward to the student’s assigned advisor.
  2. Student Academic Advisor completes the “Course Form: Grade Less than “C”/Course Failure” form noting:
    1. Plans made with student –or
    2. No contact has been initiated by the student
    3. Recommendations of advisor
  3. Student Academic Advisor files the completed form in the student’s file
  4. Students will not be re‐entered if they have:
    1. failed in more than one program course
    2. earned more than one probation during the nursing program
    3. violated the LCSC or NHS Code of Conduct
    4. are applying for immediate re‐entry
    5. have already been re‐admitted once
  5. Student Academic Advisor completes the “Course Request Form” which is to be included with the student’s re‐entry application.
    1. Students will re‐apply in the next open window of application
    2. See policy for required coursework in addition to the failed course
    3. Course repetition may not be petitioned for waiving due to financial constraints

Proposed Required Courses

BSN Nursing Theory Skills Failed Course
Returning student in good standing Evaluate

Skills Testing + CRC Open

Open Lab Practice


J-1 Semester

Failed any course in the J-1 semester

NU 325

NU 313 or

Skills Testing + CRC Open

Open Lab Practice


 J-2 Semester

Failed any course in the J-2 semester

 NU 341

NU 342 or

Skills Testing + CRC Open

Open Lab Practice


S-1 Semester

Failed any course in the S-1 semester 

 NU 445  

Skills Testing + CRC Open

Open Lab Practice


 S-2 Semester

Failed any course in the S-2 semester

NU 421 

Skills Testing + CRC Open

Open Lab Practice

 RN to BSN Nursing      
Practical Nursing       

What is Nursing Skills Testing in Workforce Training?

In order to assure continued competence in foundational nursing skills, students need to pass
testing once enrolled in nursing courses in the following areas:

  • Completed Basic Skills List with all skills checked off: required prior to testing
  • Scenario testing
  • Testing for individual skills

1. Students are allowed two attempts in order to pass the Nursing Skills Testing.

2. The nursing Clinical Resource Lab is available to students in enrolled in program courses for
practice of skills and skills check off prior to testing.

3. Workforce Training will send confirmation of successful testing to the Administrative Offices
upon completion of testing.

Contact Workforce Training for registration and payment.