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  • Thursday, February 2nd - Groundhog Day
  • Tuesday, February 14th - Valentine's Day
  • Monday, February 20th - President's Day (HOL)


The 2016 W-2s were delivered to the Statehouse Mail Room January 25. It is anticipated that employees should begin receiving their paper W-2 forms sometime this week.  

If an employee has not received their W-2 by February 1, please have them call us at 208-334-2394.

DSP staff will go through all returned W-2 forms on a daily basis and return the forms with updated addresses back in the mail as quickly as possible.

A Reminder on Returned W-2s

If an employee has a change of address on file with the US Postal Service, their W-2 will be automatically forwarded by the post office.

The only W-2s that will be returned to the State Controller’s Office will be those marked as Undeliverable. If a W-2 is returned, the address will be checked against the SCO system. If the address on the system has been updated, the State Controller's Office will put the W-2 back in the mail to be delivered to the new address. If the address on the system has not been updated, the State Controller's Office will hold the W-2 until the employee contacts us.

Note: Depending on the state agency, an employee may update their own address information by using the Employee Self-Service option or by having their agency HR/payroll office update the information.

Instructions for requesting a duplicate Form W-2

The State Controller's Office will not start processing duplicate Form W-2 requests for 2016 until after February 1, 2017.  Employees requesting a duplicate W-2 will be assessed a $5.00 fee per reprinted form.

To request a duplicate Form W-2 please follow the instructions on the State Controller's website.

Form I-9 - W4 - w9

Beginning January 22, 2017, employers must use the 11/14/2016 N version of the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to verify the identity and work eligibility of every new employee. 

You may access the new form by clicking on the link below. 

Update to Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verfication

Please update to the most current forms for new employees  W4 (for employees) & W9 (for Independent Contractors)

Performance evaluations

Performance evaluations will be due on March 17th.  

At this time you should have received an email from BambooHR notifying you which of your employees need to have reviews completed. (If you haven’t, please contact Lindsey Hight – she will be able to help you.)  If an evaluation has been completed on your employee(s) within the last six months, you do not need to complete another one (unless you want to) until the evaluation process in early 2018.   We simply need to make sure that all performance reviews are current (within the last year) so your employees will be eligible for a CEC increase if we are awarded money from the legislature this spring.

 A “Performance Evaluations” course is available to all of you in SafeColleges.  I strongly encourage all supervisors to watch it.  It will provide you with an overview of performance management and annual performance evaluations.  This course covers the ongoing performance management process, best practices and the performance evaluation conversation with your employee.  It is 24 minutes in length and is a great refresher for all supervisors. 

To view the course, please log in to SafeColleges at, and enter your username.  Your username should be your first initial, middle initial and last name. If you have trouble logging in, please contact HR. 

HR Update

Our Hiring Procedures webpage has been updated. Please visit here: 

Health Matters of Idaho

  • February is American Heart Month! It’s all about creating happy, healthy hearts. Put up a heart health poster.
  • Wear Red For Women 2/3. This is an opportunity for employeesto get their red on and for you to heighten awareness around women and heart disease. Take a picture of your staff members dressed in red, email it to me and I will post it on the Idaho Health Matters Facebook Page!
  • Need a February Wellness Project? Tape a large piece of paper on the wall or bulletin board and write the question ”What makes your heart happy?” Ask employees to write a word or two or bring in a picture of something/someone that makes their heart happy. It’s a great way to focus on the positive and on heart health.
  • Need ideas for wellness challenges? See Agency Events under Success Story Archives
  • Plant Nanny is a free App that helps people track their water intake … and grow their plant with each glass. Kind of fun!
  • EAP Posters are great for your restrooms and common areas. Check them out at the bottom of this OGI webpage.
  • Slips and falls are still big issues as winter wears on. Two big tips – walk like a penguin and keep your hands out of your pockets while walking! Read more under Tips for walking
  • Tobacco Cessation - There are free classes across the state for people who want to tackle the demon.
  • Do you know an employee who would like to share their wellness journey or success story? Let me know and I would be happy to follow through with them
  • Reminder – Are you having technical issues with pages freezing on Health Matters? If you are using IE10, you may need to upgrade to IE11 so the website loads efficiently; check with your IT Department
  • Like Us on Facebook! Enjoy TOTD’s, info on local health events, and motivational health tips


Angela Meek, Barb Pierce 1st
Krista Harwick, Mark Maland, Richard Stuart 2nd
Brandon Rinta, Teri Ockwell 3rd
Don Heath-Simpson 4th
Jordan Farrington 5th
Andrea Pietrzyk, Lauren Connolly, Layci Peer 9th
Erick Cummings 10th
Peter Remien 11th
Kai Fong 12th
Eli Edwards, Kelsey Grafton 13th
Dan Wild, Julie Wilson, Nadine Walters, Susan Odom 14th
Lorinda Hughes, Sean Cassidy 16th
Bryce Kammers, Erin Cassetto, Shaun Griffin 17th
Terryn Berry 19th
Julie Hutchinson, Sarah Reaves 20th
Daniel Deyarmin, Kirstin Jeppsen 21st
Kathleen Laws, Keesje Mills 22nd
Linda Burnett, Renee Olsen, Judith St. Louis 23rd
Claudia O'Connor, Jesse Snyder 25th
Rocky Owens, Lacey McNair 26th
Kimberley Tuschhoff, Nicole Huffaker 27th


Nicole Huffaker, Registrar & Records 5 Years
Heath Fuller, Physical Plant 10 Years
Delta Heath-Simpson, Business Division 25 Years

Congratulations to our WSA Winner, Jessica Schumacher!  

"I was recently tasked with a large project for our office and early on found myself with a lot of questions. Jessica was gracious and patient with me as I tried to sort out all of the intricacies and information. She cleared up the confusion, fixed errors, and worked with me to make sure the project was done correctly. I appreciated all of the work she put in to help ensure the project's outcome was successful."