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  • Sunday, March 12th - Daylight Saving Begins
  • Friday, March 17th - Saint Patrick's Day
  • Monday, March 20th - First day of Spring


Medicare 101

Are you ready for a challenge? Participate in March Madness and challenge yourself to be healthier this month. You will have a chance to win great prizes too!

The 4-week online activity challenge starts on Tuesday, March 7.  The purpose of this challenge is to increase your daily activity through all types of exercise. There are also weekly tasks to complete (videos to watch, articles to read) in order to win.

Winners will be selected by a random drawing at the end of the challenge:

  • Sweet Sixteen Winner-  log 600-899 minutes of activity:  $25 Visa gift card
  • Elite Eight Winner-  log 900-1,199 minutes of activity:  $50 Visa gift card 
  • Final Four Winner-  log 1,200 – 1,499 minutes of activity:  $75 Visa gift card
  • National Champions-  log 1,500 or more minutes of activity:  $100 Visa gift card

Sign up starts today! Challenge dates: 3/7/17 - 4/4/17

To learn more and to sign up, log-in at and select the WellConnected logo. If this is your first time signing onto, please allow 24 hours after registering to access the WellConnected wellness tools. 




Blue Cross of Idaho Wellness Team


***Please note: By signing up for this challenge, you agree to have your name posted on the WellConnected Wellness site if you are a winner.

supervisor's corner

3 questions to ask before writing up an employee

Written warnings that show what an employee did wrong and when it happened are key tools in performance management. Here are three questions to ask yourself before disciplining an employee in writing:

1. Did you discuss it with the employee first? Talk over the problem before you commit it to writing; it may help you draw a more accurate conclusion. Oral reprimand should be your first step.

2. Are the facts clear? Don't make a final decision to put it in writing until all ambiguities are gone.

3.Are you acting consistently? How does this situation compare? And does the punishment fit the crime? Inconsistency in your discipline could be used as proof of some sort of grudge or discriminatory intent against the person. Compare to past discipline before acting. 

Source:  The HR Specialist, Feb 2017




Samantha Thompson-Franklin, Darcy Kincaid 1st
Jennifer Weeks 2nd
Michael Owen 3rd
Megan Spence 4th
Rachelle Genthos 5th
Keegan Schmidt, Stephanie Dickinson 6th
Diane Driskill, Mikel Harrington 8th
Andy Tuschhoff, Stephanie Lathrop 9th
Angie Weiland Light, Jerry Hindberg, Michele D'Arcy-Evans, Tiffany Bailly-Renner 10th
Jeremiah Robbins, Bert Sahlberg, Wendy Shuttleworth 13th
Denise Harris, Lindsey Hight 14th
Brian Fonnesbeck 15th
Trena Lawen 16th
Levi Forsberg, Mary Browne, Tracy Collins 17th
Elizabeth Martin, William Schlosser 18th
Billy Lemus, Kyle Ferguson 20th
Judy Dahl, Ken Wareham, Leif Hoffmann, Matthew McCarley 21st
Amy Minervini, Elizabeth Weldy 22nd
Gwen Sullivan, Jennifer Light 23rd
Matt Brady 25th
Mary Lou Robinson 27th
Bart Bramell 28th
John Kok, Mary Crowell, Casey Huffaker 29th
Debra Leachman, Michelle Doty 30th
Debra Gourluck 31st

Years of state service

Geri Seale, Business Division 30 Years