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  • Sunday, May 14th - Mother's Day
  • Monday, May 15th - Summer Hours begin
  • Monday, May 29th - Memorial Day

open enrollment

This year's Medical, Dental and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Open Enrollment will begin on May 1 and end May 19.

Important Notes:

  • Annual enrollment in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) is required by the IRS. No exceptions can be made if you miss the May 19 enrollment deadline.

Open Enrollment is the ONLY TIME that you can:

  • Change from one medical plan to another (PPO to Traditional or vice versa)
  • Add previously declined dependent dental coverage.
  • Change your medical and dental premium deductions from post-tax to pre-tax or vice versa without a qualifying event.
  • Enroll in the FSA.  Participation in the FSA is on a year-by-year basis, which means that enrollment does not continue from one year to the next.

To make changes, go online at and click on Employee Self-Service.


Greetings!  This is a friendly update from IDeal- Idaho 529 College Savings Program

2016 Tax Year:

1. Don’t’ forget to deduct your IDeal 529 contributions for 2016: 

We have found that not all Idahoans are taking their state tax deduction for contributing to an IDeal - Idaho 529 College Savings Program account.

  • Get the details and a checklist that you can use to make sure that everyone who qualifies, takes the deduction!  (You don’t have to be the account owner to qualify for the deduction)


1. Did you know you can have your full tax refund automatically deposited into your IDeal - Idaho 529 College Savings Program account?

  • Employees will include their IDeal account number and the IDeal routing number on line 56 on Form 40 or on line 76 on Form 43, under the Direct Deposit instructions.
    •  IDeal Routing Number: ABA Number 011001234 (Mellon Bank)
    •  IDeal Account Number: 541 + 11-digit account number 

2017 Tax Year:

Save more and deduct more when saving for higher education!

Idaho’s state tax deduction for saving for higher education with IDeal 529 just increased 50%  for 2017 contributions and beyond!


Potential tax savings is calculated using the maximum allowed deduction and the highest Idaho tax rate 7.4%

TIAA CAmpus counseling june 2017

Lewis Clark State College Jun 2017 Invite

when to submit retirement paperwork

If you're considering retirement, you should contact PERSI for a retirement estimate approximately six (6) months ahead of your desired retirement date.  Then contact PERSI approximately sixty (60) days ahead of the retirement date to request a retirement paperwork packet.  PERSI needs all retirement papers returned no later than the 15th of the month prior to the date of retirement, with the exception of members who retire in September.  Because each year they experience a high volume of September retirements, PERSI ask those members to have their retirement paperwork in by July 15th.

irregular help / work study employees

Just a reminder to please look at your list of Irregular Help and Work Study employees that are listed in I-Time and send through Personnel Record Cards for those employees who are not returning for Fall 2016 or who no longer work for your department.


Julie Scoles, Mike Collins, Polly Knutson 1st
Kacey Diemert 2nd
Danel Arnzen 3rd
Charmain Steiger, Martin Reinland 5th
Kristy Johnson, Meleah McCulley 6th
Jenna Chambers, Phil Liggins, Ray Esparsen 7th
Andrea Baldus, Heather Moon 8th
Mandy Yon 9th
Courtney Toth, Rebecca Acree 10th
Randy Puckett 13th
Jim Walker 14th
Jillian Gill 15th
Gary Reed, Noreen Peterson, Doug Hewett 17th
Judy Floch 19th
Heidi Benjamin 20th
Jennifer Anderson 21st
Nancy Johnston 23rd
Summer Kibbe 24th
Stacey Wendt 28th
Melissa Strerath 29th

years of state service

Vikki Swift-Raymond, Human Resource Services 20 Years

WSA Winner, Caroline Hatfield

"Caroline always has a smile on her face and is so positive and pleasant to talk to. Her efforts in preparing luncheons and events go above and beyond her call of duty. She has been a great addition to the Provost's Office and we just want her to know how much she is appreciated. Thanks Caroline!"