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  • Tuesday, July 4th - Independence Day (Campus Closed)

FY2018 - supervisory academy & crucial conversations trainings

Courses for FY 2018 have been scheduled and opened for registration. You can now view class dates for Supervisory Academy and Crucial Conversations classes through December of 2017. More classes will be posted for 2018 as soon as dates are confirmed. Please pass this information on to any of your staff who might be interested in attending one of our classes. 

Supervisory Academy -

Supervisory Academy is a three day training that covers best practices when it comes to supervising a team of employees. There are eight courses covered during the three day event ranging from setting goals and expectations to documenting and performance managing. 

Crucial Conversations -

Have you ever wanted to give a coworker sensitive feedback but decided not to because the conversations might not go well- or might even harm your relationship? Let DHR help you prepare for, and hold a successful conversation for both you and your colleague with our new Crucial Conversations ® course. Classes are open to all state employees, supervisors and administrators alike where valuable skills and tools to approach these difficult, yet critical conversations will be gained.

DHR is currently only offering this two day course in the Boise area. A course fee ($217.00 + Access Idaho online registration fee) is associated with this training to cover costs of training materials provided by Vital Smarts.

persi workshop

PERSI will be on campus July 25th to conduct three separate trainings for LCSC employees. If you are interested in attending any of these trainings, RSVP to:

Lacey McNair, Administrative Assistant 1
500 8th Avenue, Lewiston, ID 83501 Contact (208) 792-2269(208) 792-2872 (fax)

They will be held at the following times in SUB 143:

Ready: 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Set: 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Go: 12:30-2:30 p.m.


discounts for state of idaho employees

Don't miss the discounts to Boise GreenBike, Zip the Snake Zip Line, Roaring Springs, Silverwood Theme Park, Silver Mountain Resort, Wahooz Family Fun Center, River Dance Lodge, and more!  Find these great opportunities through Health Matters' Happenings!


Beverly Kloepfer 1st
Bonnie Schacher, Katherine Wotring, Victoria Boubel, Nicolas Ford 2nd
Cara Thompson 3rd
Bryon Olsen, Elizabeth Scarano 4th
Wendy King 6th
Cathy Corker, Sarah Wimer 7th
Shane Coley 8th
Brandon Lytle, Janelle Kelly 9th
Vonda Mulrony, Charles Santy 10th
Tami Jeffords 11th
Brian Graham, Leif Karlberg 14th
Julie Kvern, Lloyd Mataka 15th
Clarence Griffin, Randy Eriksen, Johanna Bjork 16th
Mary Flores 17th
Bryce Wilcomb 19th
Charlette Kremer, Rosita Nabarrete 20th
Cindy Patterson 21st
Kim Wolf, Charles Addo-Quaye 22nd
Melissa Rode, Tiffany Pilon 23rd
Susan Stamper 25th
Jessica Miley 26th
Samuel Long, Tom Nail 27th
Vicki Donovan 28th
Leilani Farrell, Suzanne Rousseau 29th
Karen Andrews, Lauri Vance, Traci Birdsell 30th

years of service

Jeremiah Robbins, Athletics 5 Years
Krista Harwick, Nursing & Health Sciences 10 Years
Brooke Henze, Athletics 15 Years
Bob Sobotta, Native American, Minority & Veterans Services 25 Years

Congratulations to our WSA Winner, Evelyn Carter!

"Evelyn has taken a real leadership role with recent planning to take students to Washington DC. I appreciate her willingness to jump and great ability to manage multiple tasks. She is an essential member of our team who I can always count on."