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HRS August Newsletter monthly employee newsletter

  • Thursday, August 17th - Welcome Back Social
  • Monday, August 21st - Classes Begin

lcsc Welcome back social

An all campus meeting is scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on August 17th in the Silverthorne Theatre located in the Administration Building. The meeting will provide the opportunity to meet new staff members and learn about strategic plan updates. The President will host a reception at his house that will include light snacks and beverages from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

PERSI RETIrement paperwork


discounts for state of idaho employees

State of Idaho employees may purchase individual discounted tickets to Silverwood Theme Park in Northern Idaho. Silverwood has over 70 rides, slides, shows, and attractions. Discounted tickets are available online only. You may be asked to show a State of Idaho ID upon entering the park. Purchase your tickets now!


Robert Peck 2nd
Tate Smith 3rd
Alan Hain, Shelli Hardie 4th
Mindy Brand, Specer Payton 6th
Doug Cruthirds 7th
Heidi Greene, James Nave 8th
Sarah Graham 9th
Amanda Klone 11th
Jack Hutson 12th
Kelsie Seitz, Matt Toth, Rebecca Parks, Shannon Casteel 14th
Wayne Bolon 15th
Danielle Hardy, Kathy Martin 16th
Christa Davis, Geri Seale, Jill Thomas-Jorgenson 18th
Soo Lee Bruce-Smith 19th
Andy Hanson 20th
Julie Bezzerides, Mark Brazington 21st
Evelyn Carter, Tiara Good 22nd
Elanor Downey 23rd
Dawn Lesperance 24th
Julee Moore, Melinda Tompkins 25th
Nadine Shannon 26th
Maeve Kirk 27th
Courtney Robinson, Sheila Bond 30th
Andrew Kuther 31st

years of service

LaChelle Rosenbaum, Social Work 5 Years
Michael Wisher, Physical Plant 5 Years
Cathryn Kenyon, Natural Science & Mathematics Division 5 Years
Elizabeth Martin, Natural Science & Mathematics Division 5 Years
Heather Daly-Galeano, Humanities 5 Years
Jenny Scott, Business Division 5 Years
Kristy Johnson, Nursing & Health Sciences 5 Years
Leif Hoffman, Social Science 5 Years
Beverly Kloepfer, Nursing & Health Sciences 10 Years
Cara Thompson, Business Technology & Services 10 Years
Elizabeth Scarano, Nursing & Health Sciences 10 Years
Heather Henson-Ramsey, Natural Science & Mathematics Division 10 Years
Heidee McMillin, Social Science 10 Years
Laura Earles, Social Science 10 Years
Scott Wimer, Nursing & Health Sciences 10 Years
Traci Story, Humanities 10 Years
Tate Smith, First Year Experience 15 Years
Debbie Goodwin, Business Division 15 Years
David Massaro, Teacher Education 15 Years
Eric Martin, Social Science 15 Years
Tracy Collins, Athletics 20 Years
Danielle Hardy, Community Programs 20 Years
Diana Driskill, Business Technology & Services 20 Years
Lori Stinson, Provost's Office 20 Years
Sheila Kom, Purchasing 25 Years
Debra Lybyer, Career & Advising Services 30 Years

Congratulations to our WSA Winner, John Bender!

"John recently shared a feature that greatly reduces the time it takes us to process large volume of records in the Colleague student record system. He went out of his way to share his expertise with other offices. We greatly appreciate his help! This feature not only saves time, but is much more accurate, avoiding data entry errors. Thank you, John Bender!"