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Fall 2017

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Payroll coding requirements

The Division of Statewide Payroll has recently completed a review of time coding in less than one hour increments.

As a result, DSP has made modifications using 6 minute increments or 1/10 of an hour.  This change provides an employee with more accurate reporting and ensures employees are paid for all time worked.

Beginning with pay period dates 8/13/17-8/26/17, the new coding requirements will be used.  The following table represents the new coding requirement for reporting time in less than one-hour increments.

New Coding Requirements:

Minutes worked less than one hour

Enter on a time sheet as:

1 – 6 minutes


7 – 12 minutes


13 – 18 minutes


19 – 24 minutes


25 – 30 minutes


31 – 36 minutes


37 – 42 minutes


43 – 48 minutes


49 – 54 minutes


55 – 60 minutes


diabetes prevention program

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Blue cross of idaho

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Traci Noyes 1st
Lonny Gehring 2nd
Alex Richardson, Debra Lybyer, Edgar Leach, Troy Wisher 3rd
Natalie Holman 4th
Heather Henson-Ramsey 5th
Eugene Straughan, Tracey Koch, Verna Studer 6th
Alex Bezzerides 7th
Allie Canfield, Ian Tippets 8th
Kati Wilson 9th
Logan Fowler 10th
Chelsy Sheppard 12th
Harold Crook 13th
Nancy Lee-Painter 14th
Bev Hill, Sheila Kom, Tessa Jilot 16th
Connie Hallen, Mark Haynal 17th
Jeannette Klobetanz 20th
Carol Martin, Donna Callahan, Ryan Gill 21st
Ramon Royce 22nd
Chris Riggs, Bill Hayne 23rd
Allen Mewes 27th
Jeanne Helbling-Poxleitner, Scott Wimer 28th
Angie McClain, Judy Emerson 29th

years of service

Paul Estrada, Physical Plant 5 Years
Angela Meek, e-Learning Services 10 Years
Randy Puckett, Graphic Communications 10 Years
Lindsey Hight, Human Resource Services 15 Years
Vicki Donovan, Student Counseling Center 20 Years

Congratulations to our WSA Winner, Barb Syska!

"Barb recently scored a super deal that will help several offices on campus. While checking for surplus state property on the State Controller's website and discovered that the Department of Education had surplused 25 iPads and 6 Microsoft Surface Pro laptops. She contacted the department which agreed to provide them to LCSC for just the cost of shipping, which was less than $100! These tablets and computers will benefit several units on campus including LC Service Corps, Work Scholars, KinderCollege, and CAMP."