Human Resources

HRS November Newsletter monthly employee newsletter

  • Friday, November 10th - Veteran's Day Observed - (Holiday worked for Dec. 26th Trade)

      *Classified Employees will code HOL and HOA (to accrue comp time instead of pay).
      NOTE: If you did not work on Veterans' Day, you will only code HOL and you will need to use SIC or VAC during the Christmas Holidays.

      *Exempt Employees will code HOL.
      NOTE: If you did not work on Veterans' Day, you will code HOL and will need to use SIC or VAC on December 27th instead of ADT.

      *Irregular Help & Work Study Employees are eligible for time and a half and will code HOW (holiday worked).
      NOTE: Work study employees must charge all holiday hours worked to their department budget code at 100%. Please code hours that are worked on November 10th on a separate line using HOW (holiday worked) and charge those hours to your department.

      If you have any questions, please contact Payroll at x.2204.

      Because of the Veterans Day holiday and the Thanksgiving holiday I-Time payroll processes a day early, Tuesday Nov.7 and Tues Nov 21. Please have all time sheets for these pay dates submitted and approved by Monday night Nov 6 and Nov 20. The State Controller’s Office will not be open on these holidays. Thanks!  Three more pay days until Christmas. -Payroll

  • Thursday, November 23rd - Thanksgiving Day - (HOL)
  • November 3rd & 17th

w2 reporting

Employees, please make sure your address is correct in our system for your Form W2. Please contact HR x2269 or Payroll x2204 to update your address. 

Notice regarding Perfomance evaluations

This is intended to give ample notice that Performance Evaluations for Administrative Services staff, Student Affairs staff and Direct Reports to the President will be due by January 2nd, 2018 and Academic Affairs staff will be due by January 15th, 2018.  Of course, we will not turn them away if you choose to complete them ahead of time!  

As many of you are aware, the Division of Human Resources in Boise requires all employees to have a current performance review on file in order to be eligible for a CEC increase if LCSC is awarded money from the legislature.  Starting this month, supervisors will receive a monthly email reminder that will notify them of the reviews that need to be completed by January 2nd.     

A “Performance Evaluations” course is available to all of you in SafeColleges.  I strongly encourage all supervisors to watch it.  It will provide you with an overview of performance management and annual performance evaluations.  This course covers the ongoing performance management process, best practices and the performance evaluation conversation with your employee.  It is only 24 minutes in length and is a great refresher for all supervisors. 

To view the course, please log in to SafeColleges at, and enter your username. Your username should be your first initial, middle initial and last name.  Example: vjswift.   If you have trouble logging in or you are unable to access the training, please contact HR.

hiring retirees

We are noticing that some of our recent retirees will be returning; when a Division/Department hires a full-time employee back without a 26-week break in service, per the new Affordable Care Act rules, we must offer Tier 1 (full-time) insurance to them, as they are still in the “stability period” from when they were employed on a full-time basis. These employees are NOT eligible for retirement, leave, or holiday pay. 


Deborah Kolstad, Lawrence Norris 1st
Jarett Goslin 3rd
Amanda Van Lanen, Ed Howard 4th
Kim Behler, Bill Frei 5th
Jennifer Beller 7th
Joan Bowen 9th
Brock Astle 11th
Angela Langston, Chris Norden, Lynne Bidwell 12th
Katie Roberts 14th
Barbara Leachman, Heather Van Mullem, Mark Bowen, Sydney Parker 15th
Celeste McCormick, Drew Church, Michael Wisher 16th
David Massaro, Kim Devich 18th
Dan Faller, Kelly FitzSimmons 19th
Angela Wartel, Doug Steele 20th
Leah Millikan 21st
Heather Daly-Galeano, Jenny Scott 22nd
Andrew Ryerson, Darci Graves, Rory DesJardin, Stacy Shephard 24th
Amber Cameron, Josh Rogers, Teresa Cole 25th
Angel Huddleston, Stephanie Vickhammer 26th
John Bender, III 27th
Casey Blamires, Jeannette Seward 29th

years of service

Justice Stocks, Physical Plant 5 Years
Rachel Peasley, Admissions 10 Years

Congratulations to our WSA Winner, Kirstin Jeppsen!

"Kirstin has been a great resource to the LC Foundation and has taken the lead with our 125th online donation processing. With Kirstin's help, our donation processing is stepping into the 21st century! THANK GOD! Kirstin has taken the lead in making sure LCSC is in compliance with accepting recurring donations on the 125th website. Kirstin has set up automatic receipts for the 125th site, ran MANY test gifts, provided feedback to the LC web team, and will track online gifts throughout the campaign. She has offered quick solutions when brainstorming ways to make donation processing user friendly. Thank you Kirstin for offering timely support and streamlining our online gift processing! We appreciate you."


I asked Kirstin if I could request credit card information in a renewal letter being sent out. Kirstin said it is preferred
that I don't. Instead of leaving it at that she gave me other options for accepting credit card payments. After
selecting the method that best works for us she created an online "store" for my patrons to use. Kirstin did not
have to put in all the work she did to create this option. She created this great option for my patrons to use for no
extra fees on there behalf and she helped me create the perfect verbiage for my renewal letters. Thank you Kirstin
for going above and beyond!"