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  • Friday, February 2nd - Groundhog Day
  • Wednesday, February 14th - Valentine's Day
  • Monday, February 19th - President's Day (HOL)

Are you ready for a challenge?

Participate in Blue Cross of Idaho’s Olympic Challenge and challenge yourself to be more active this month. You will have a chance to win prizes too! 

The 3-week activity challenge starts on Monday, February 5. The purpose of this challenge is to increase your weekly activity through all types of exercise. And your activity earns you entries to win a $50 VISA gift card.

To learn more and to sign up for the Olympic Challenge, log-in at and select the WellConnected logo.

Sign up started January 29!  Challenge dates: February 5 – February 26

Want to learn more about WellConnected, visit the Get Healthy page of the OGI website and watch the short video tutorial about navigating WellConnected.

If this is your first time signing onto, please allow 24 hours after registering to access the WellConnected wellness tools. Must be an enrolled member of State of Idaho’s medical plan to participate in this challenge on the Blue Cross member portal and be eligible for prizes issued by Blue Cross.

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The 2017 W-2s were delivered to the Statehouse Mail Room January 26th. It is anticipated that employees should begin receiving their paper W-2 forms sometime this week.  

If an employee has not received their W-2 by February 2, please have them call us at 208-334-2394.

DSP staff will go through all returned W-2 forms on a daily basis and return the forms with updated addresses back in the mail as quickly as possible.

A Reminder on Returned W-2s

If an employee has a change of address on file with the US Postal Service, their W-2 will be automatically forwarded by the post office.

The only W-2s that will be returned to the State Controller’s Office will be those marked as Undeliverable. If a W-2 is returned, the address will be checked against the SCO system. If the address on the system has been updated, the State Controller's Office will put the W-2 back in the mail to be delivered to the new address. If the address on the system has not been updated, the State Controller's Office will hold the W-2 until the employee contacts us. 

Instructions for requesting a duplicate Form W-2

The State Controller's Office will not start processing duplicate Form W-2 requests for 2017 until after February 1, 2018.  Employees requesting a duplicate W-2 will be assessed a $5.00 fee per reprinted form.

To request a duplicate Form W-2 please follow the instructions on the State Controller's website.

What will my income look like when I retire? Check out new tools within your State of Idaho 457 Plan for 2018.

It’s a new year and a great time to adopt a new resolution of saving more money for retirement. Taking time to prepare for your retirement is important. Below is a 60 second clip starring Peyton Manning who discusses the benefits of the Nationwide State 457 Account. 

For those already enrolled in the plan, last year we added a new feature to your account at My Interactive Retirement Planner is an on-line feature that allows you to see how your assets – including your 457, pension, IRAs, spousal assets and more – may translate into retirement income. Log on today to get a big picture view of your retirement score and how your retirement income will potentially look like in retirement.


Warrior Walk RSVP

If you would like to join us on our warrior walk, RSVP here.



Angela Meek, Barb Pierce 1st
Krista Harwick, Mark Maland, Richard Stuart 2nd
Brandon Rinta, Teri Ockwell 3rd
Don Heath-Simpson 4th
Jordan Farrington 5th
Andrea Pietrzyk, Lauren Connolly, Lesley Perez 9th
Erick Cummings 10th
Peter Remien 11th
Kai Fong 12th
Kelsey Grafton 13th
Julie Wilson, Nadine Walters 14th
Lorinda Hughes, Sean Cassidy, Susan Steele 16th
Bryce Kammers, Erin Cassetto, Shaun Griffin 17th
Terryn Berry 19th
Julie Hutchinson, Sarah Reaves 20th
Daniel Deyarmin, Kirstin Jeppsen 21st
Kathleen Laws, Keesje Mills 22nd
Renee Olsen, Judith St. Louis 23rd
Claudia O'Connor, Jesse Snyder 25th
Rocky Owens, Lacey McNair 26th
Kimberley Tuschhoff, Nicole Huffaker, Katie Babino 27th


Debra Gourluck, Student Counseling Center 10 Years
Rebecca Parks, Adult Learning Center 15 Years

Congratulations to our WSA Winner, Johanna Bjork!  

"Besides leading innovative, student-centered programs in the Library, Johanna Bjork also shows genuine concern with LCSC students’ overall well-being, and her enthusiastic support of the Warrior Pantry has inspired others. Johanna has made numerous food and monetary donations to the Warrior Pantry, and often stops by to see what is needed. Completing an educational program can be the key to economic opportunity, and Johanna personifies service to students, whether she's creating a fun library study night or visiting the Alternative Giving Fair and buying donations to the Warrior Pantry as gifts for friends and family. We are truly lucky to have Johanna here at LCSC."