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HRS March Newsletter monthly employee newsletter

  • Sunday, March 11th - Daylight Saving Begins
  • Saturday, March 17th - Saint Patrick's Day
  • Tuesday, March 20th - First day of Spring
Cybersecurity training

As a reminder: all state employees are expected to have their Cybersecurity Training completed by March 30,2018. 

If an employee has not received an email for Idaho Division of Human Resources, please contact Human Resource Services at or 208-792-2269.

2018 Form W-4

The IRS has issued the 2018 Form W-4. The IRS website is IRS.GOV

The 2018 Form W-4 is located on the IRS website under Forms and Pubs.
Note:  Employees who previously submitted 2018 W-4 information using the 2017 Form W-4 do not need to resubmit a 2018 Form W-4 now that the new form is released.
Any changes made after today must be on the new 2018 form.

The federal tax withholding rates are also located on the IRS website.

The 2018 Federal Tax Withholding Rates are listed in Notice 1036 as well as in Publication 15, both of which are located on the IRS website under Forms and Pubs.

The Idaho State Tax Commission website is TAX.IDAHO.GOV
Current Idaho Tax Withholding Rates are listed in the "Guide to Income Tax Withholding" located on the State Tax Commission website under Tax Types > Withholding.

Did you know your employee assistance program (EAP) has Estate Planning tools?

Go to the OGI website and log in to Guidance Resources on the right hand side of the page:

Scroll down to the bottom and on the left hand side you will see Estate Guidance.  Click on “Write your Will today!”

Warrior Wellness Station

Warrior Wellness Station



Samantha Thompson-Franklin, Darcy Kincaid 1st
Jennifer Weeks 2nd
Michael Owen 3rd
Megan Spence 4th
Rachelle Genthos 5th
Keegan Schmidt, Stephanie Dickinson, Doug Koch 6th
Diane Driskill, Mikel Sears 8th
Andy Tuschhoff, Stephanie Lathrop 9th
Angie Weiland Light, Jerry Hindberg, Michele D'Arcy-Evans, Tiffany Bailly-Renner 10th
Jeremiah Robbins, Bert Sahlberg, Wendy Shuttleworth 13th
Denise Harris, Lindsey Hight 14th
Brian Fonnesbeck 15th
Trena Lawen 16th
Mary Browne, Tracy Collins 17th
Elizabeth Martin 18th
Billy Lemus, Kyle Ferguson 20th
Judy Dahl, Ken Wareham, Leif Hoffmann, Matthew McCarley, Julie Lorentz 21st
Amy Minervini, Elizabeth Weldy 22nd
Gwen Sullivan, Jennifer Light 23rd
Matt Brady 25th
Mary Lou Robinson 27th
Bart Bramell 28th
John Kok, Mary Crowell, Casey Huffaker 29th
Debra Leachman, Michelle Doty, Stephen Tamm 30th
Debra Gourluck 31st

Years of state service

Kendra Jensen, Workforce Training 5 Years

WSA Winner, Nikol Roubidoux

"I so enjoy working with Nicole. She is pleasant, resourceful, and always accommodating! 

Nicole responds to faculty requests and e-mails promptly. In an effort to be helpful, she often will complete tasks for the faculty and the divisions that she could have delegated back to them. 

I am extremely appreciative that we have a Registrar who is capable, knowledgeable, and helpful!"