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Search Process & Hiring Forms search process for AP positions

New Position Approval Form or Request to Hire Form (HR website):

Please make sure the position data, PCN, title/rank, salary, etc., is accurate, consistent and complete before forwarding to the This form must be completed and signed by the Academic Dean and Provost before a search begins.  This form is required for professional staff, faculty, and classified staff.  It is not required for adjunct faculty.  WAIT FOR APPROVAL

Advertisement Packet Forms (HR website):

After the "Request to Hire” and the “New Position Approval Form” (if required) are completed and signed, the Advertisement Packet must be completed with the appropriate approving signatures.  Forward to the Academic Dean at for further review and approval.  Human Resource Services will then place the advertisement on our online applicant tracking system, ApplicantPro, and assign the Search Committee Chair with log in information.  If the advertisement that you are placing in newspapers or on Chronicle Online or similar is different from the template ad in the packet, attach an exact copy of what you intend to post.  WAIT FOR APPROVAL

Note for Classified Staff positions:  STOP and wait for Register.  Once the position closes, HR will pull a Hiring List from the Division of Human Resources to view the candidates who are in the Top 25.  HR will send the Hiring List to the Search Committee Chair and you may then proceed with Permission to Interview.

Using the Recruitment Budget for Advertising? Be sure to review the Recruitment Expense Account Guidelines and gain approval from the Provost Office before placing an Ad.

Recruitment Expenses Review guidelines on the Provost website

Permission to Interview – On Campus Form [Academic Programs Only]

Permission to bring faculty or classified staff onto campus for an interview must be approved by the Academic Dean before you make the invitation.  E-mail the completed form and the vita/résumé of each candidate to  The Dean’s office will notify the Division Chair once the form has been approved.  WAIT FOR APPROVAL.

On-campus interviews (faculty) scheduling:  Dean, Provost, and President. 

Itinerary:  Send a copy of the itinerary and vita/resume for each candidate to as much in advance as possible.

Itinerary Template

Permission to Interview Download Your Permission to Interview form here

Verbal Offer Form-[Academic Programs Only] 

Verbal job offer to a candidate requires the permission of the Academic Dean and Provost.  E-mail the completed form and the vita/résumé of each candidate to WAIT FOR APPROVAL

Verbal Offer Download the Verbal offer form Here

Paperwork to complete and route upon verbal acceptance of Job Offer by the Academic Dean -  (e-mail to

Notify HR to process the Background Check for the individual who has accepted the job offer.  [E-mail that you have completed this step.]

Personnel Action Form (Permanent PCN) - (HR website).  Complete #12 with pertinent information to be included on the contract.  Wait for background check, then route for approvals as necessary.

Once you have been notified that the background check is satisfactory, complete the Report of Hire and electronically route to HR (

Candidate Receives:             
Offer Letter from Provost
Contract from Human Resources

 Download/Print the AP Search Procedures