Administrative Auxiliary Services

Music Hall & Dance Studio policies for use

MSB 1 & ACW 122

Non-LCSC Use

MSB 1 may be used and rented by non-LCSC entities. Rental charges, facility use, and cleaning charges apply. The following guidelines must be followed and/or acknowledged:

  • No permanent installation of items, all items must be removed daily
  • Piano and stereo use is not permitted without approval of the Humanities department. Equipment may be requested through the IT department.
  • Food or beverage setup and consumption is allowed in the lobby area only. This policy is strictly enforced to protect the facility and resources
  • All trash must be picked up and disposed into a trash receptacle before the facility is vacated
  • MSB 2 has consistent levels of volume Monday-Friday as it is a music facility
  • The event host must be physically present before the facility is to be unlocked
  • A (2) two hour minimum cleaning charge is required for group events on a per use basis
  • Notification if an event is an advertised performance; this applies to a single event and term agreements. All events scheduled for more than one occurrence will be considered a term agreement.

All reservations will provide a notice to the Humanities and Kinesiology department staff indicating room use dates and times. In the instance of a term agreement, LCSC reserves the right to utilize the facility by providing reasonable notice; advertised performance dates will be honored.


ACW 122 is restricted to use by instructors and their students under their guidance. No students are allowed to use the room unless they are supervised by an instructor. Students that need a facility for practice may use the ACW Gym during open gym time. Security will not unlock the ACW 122 room without the instructor present. The storage closets in both ACW 122 and AUX Gym are not to be unlocked by Security. Personnel without a key to these locations are to request permission from Betsy VanClief and Jann Hill. ACW 122 has a general PA system and a Kinesiology PA system; non-Kinesiology courses are restricted to the use of the general PA system.

MSB 1 and 2 may be used by instructors and their students. Students are not required to be supervised by an LCSC employee but are required to have at least two persons present for safety and security purposes if used after normal business hours. Students must get permission from their Division chair to use the facility.  The sound system may not be used by unsupervised students, a personal boom box is recommended. MSB 1 and 2 have code lock boxes. These rooms will not be unlocked by Security for unauthorized individuals. A list of eligible students to receive the code should be emailed to Security at the beginning of each term. Students on the list may request the code and are required to sign a use agreement before it is issued. The code will be changed after commencement each year and will be changed more often if there is a breach in security.

[Version: March 2011]