Administrative Auxiliary Services

Silverthorne Theater Facility Policies and Procedures

Scheduling: LCSC Drama activities and then, other LCSC related events, have priority over outside entities. Bands must arrange for Security by contacting the LCSC Security office @ 792-2226

Requestors not associated with LCSC MUST sign a Facility Rental or Use agreement, before the request can be honored.

Scheduling requests need to be e-mailed to facility coordinator a minimum of 2 weeks in advance by outside parties, and 3 days for LCSC related activities. 

Request the Facility

Lawrence Norris is the facility coordinator and can be e-mailed at  Also if requesters wish to use lighting or audio system, they must provide Coordinator with a responsible person to train, no later than two weeks prior to event.  Requestors must provide a Door Person(s) to monitor Guest /patron activities and insure no Food or Beverage is brought into the Theater.  All entities must respect the requests of security personnel.

Students wanting to use the facility outside of Instructor or Artistic Director supervision must E-mail request to coordinator 3 days in advance.


1)     Light booth will not be used by Students/persons without proper supervision (i.e.) Instructor, AD, Coordinator and /or authorized personnel.

2)      “Audience members are not allowed in the balcony unless Authorized Personnel are positioned there to monitor and act as safety observer.” 

3)     Room 11, construction activities in room or in theater will be properly supervised.  Including painting.

4)     Live Fire is prohibited in Theater

5)     Drilling holes or putting nails, screws, or bolts in stage or walls is prohibited.


-  Any physical changes to light or sound configuration will be done only with knowledge of the Coordinator and/or Theater Instructor.  Also any physical changes to curtains or Fly system.

-  All activities (meetings etc.) held in the theater must be on theater facility schedule.

-  All equipment requests for LCSC related Events must be e-mailed to Coordinator 3 days in advance (we do not guarantee, we can provide all items requested, and is not our responsibility to do so). Persons requesting use of the Grand Piano, must receive permission from the Authorized overseer of the Piano.

-  Costumes and props are to be returned to original location after use, and do not leave the theater without the consent of the Coordinator.  Persons using the facility will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

-  Aisles and exit doors in facility will be accessible at all times.

-  Problems with facility and its materials should be reported to Coordinator.

-  Keys to facility are to be used by only those persons the key(s) was/ were assigned to.

-  No food or beverage allowed inside the theater.  (Lobby and green room are ok.) 

Authorized Personnel

Lawrence Norris       Nancy Lee Painter                    Jeannette Wheaton (N)

                                    Jin Choi (N)                            Carmen Koepl (N)

Breanna McKee          Bethany Johnson (N)              Daniel Haley (N)

Collin Urquart            Tim Jackson                           Rebecca Haley (N)

                                    Jessica Martin (N)                  Jef Peterson

Ryan King                   Clint Heimgartner (N)

Mindy McCann          Sam Carlson (N)

                                    Emily Akin (N)         

Dr.Thomas Hennigan James Bayless (N)     

Kaleena Chamberlin