Administrative Auxiliary Services

Mentor an employee who has volunteered to help guide new employees

A MENTOR's role may be as an advisor, positive role model, or an advocate. No matter what role the MENTOR is playing, it is important that he or she maintains the commitment and responsibility that is required to help the new employee in the following areas:

  • Encourage growth and success
  • Help build confidence and motivation
  • Inform about training and development opportunities
  • Support and actively listen to the new employee, providing guidance and referrals to campus resources when requested
  • Be available for consultation on problems or challenges
  • Make the new employee aware of social, career, and recreational opportunities on campus
  • Help employee to become familiar and comfortable with the LCSC community

A MENTOR can be any benefited employee of LCSC who has been employed at LCSC for at least 12 months, has a direct interest in helping new employees acclimate to the college environment, and has been chosen as an exemplary employee by peers.

Mentors will be matched with a new employee outside their immediate department, but in their same job classification.

Resources for a Mentor and Mentee