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Spalding Hall During 2017 Renovation

Spalding Hall Upgrade DPW Project #16-151

Spalding Hall was built in 1924 to serve as dormitory for women.  In 1930 it became the men's dormitory, and later in the same decade, the headquarters for the Lewiston Civilian Conservation Corps.  By 1966 is was the residence hall for married students before the building closed in 1950. In 1966 the first floor was converted into faculty offices as it eventually did on the second and third floors.  The last remodel was in 1977 when localized repairs were necessary after a fire in the basement.  This new project will upgrade classroom, conference, and office spaces, including energy efficient windows and doors, improved lighting, flooring repairs, re-carpeting, HVAC and electrical improvements. Clark Hall, a student residence, is part of the project because it is attached to Spalding Hall (SPH) by one wing.  As such, a new fire suppression system, boiler and windows are being installed in portions of Clark Hall.  

Faculty moved into upgraded spalding hall fall of 2018.  Follow the progress in photos with the most recent at the top:

newly upgraded Spalding Hall Lounge 

Upgraded Spalding Hall Lounge With New Furniture

Newly upgraded spalding hall office

Newly Remodeled Office In SPH

First Floor Electrical Work, view from faculty Office 112 looking west

Framing Inside Spalding Hall During Upgrade

HVAC work continues in the ceiling of the hallway

First Floor Corridor Installation Of Fan Coil Lines

Completing the floor in the lounge

Lounge Under Construction

drywall activity on the third floor

Third Floor Corridor Drywall Work Continutes

With electrical and plumbing nearing completion in some areas the construction crew begins Drywall installation 

Dry Wall Going Up On Ceiling In A Spalding Hall Hallway

Dry wall being installed in a faculty office

Dry Wall Going Up In Spalding Hall Office

 Scaffolding in the lounge to gain access to the plumbing in the ceiling

SPH Upgrade Scaffolding In The Lounge To Access Ceiling Area Above

ramp to second floor of south wing not complete

SPH Upgrade Ramp To Second Floor Of South Wing Has Not Been Completed

Lounge wall opened up to gain access to the plumbing

SPH Upgrade Lounge Wall Opened Up To Access Plumbing

concrete wall opened up near women's restroom 

SPH Upgrade Concrete Wall Demolition Near Womens Restroom 105

Discovered the Wood Crown molding in the Lobby is Actually Plaster of Paris

Crown Molding In Spalding Is Not Wood It Is Plaster Of Paris

Interior hallway in october 2017 around 224 Days into the project

Wood Framing In Hallway Of Spalding Hall

Installation of new plumbing begins (picture taken in october)

Plumbing Installation In Spalding Hall

SPH Dry Rot Repair

SPH Dry Rot Repair

SPH structual upgrades in crawl space are necessary

Structural Work In SPH Crawl Space

SPH steel framing for offices on 2nd floor

SPH Steel Framing On 2Nd Floor Offices

 SPH wood framing in hallway completed

New Framing In Hallway For Spalding Hall

SPH framing on 2nd floor near completion

SPH Framing Work On 2Nd Floor

SPH steel framing in progress

SPH Steel Framing In Progress

SPH wood framing in progress

SPH Wood Framing Nearing Completion

Clark Hall seismic poles to support the new fire suppression system

Seismic Poles For Fire Suppression Pipes On Ceiling In Clark Hall

New Boiler installation in Clark Hall is complete

New Boiler Room In Clark Hall Is Complete

 Clark Hall new boiler installation in progress

Clark Hall Boiler Installation

Clark Hall crawl space before concrete pour for boiler room

Clark Hall Boiler Room Crawl Space

Clark Hall outside fire suppression work

Clark Hall Underground Fire Suppression Line Installation

Clark Hall with all the old windows removed

Clark Hall With Old Windows Removed

 SPH plaster on exterior walls will need extensive repair in some places

SPH Plaster On Outside Walls In Need Of Work

SPH south wing old windows removed

SPH South Wing Windows Removed

  SPH structural upgrades in attic nearing completionBracing Work In Spalding Hall Attic Near Completion

SPH progress in Structural upgrades in the attic

Structural Upgrades In Spalding Hall Attic

SPH attic during demo

Attic Of Spalding Hall During Demo

 SPH old boiler removed to make space for the new one

No Boiler In Boiler Room After Demo In Spalding Hall

SPH break room 2nd floor during demolition SPH Hall 2Nd Fl Break Room 218 Demolision

SPH historic features protected by wood before the upgrade

Protection Over Historic Trim