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Silverthorne Stage Before the Upgrade

Silverthorne Theatre Upgrade DPW Project # 14-150

The Silverthorne Theatre located in the Administrative Building is receiving a major upgrade this summer and fall  of 2014.  The Idaho Division of Public Works allocated $690,000 from the FY2014 Permanent Building Fund to upgrade the theater and additional funds of $160,000 will be provided by Lewis-Clark State College. The upgrade will include new windows, lighting, main stage, balcony area, seating and additional outside entrance to the west side of the theater (to include ADA access, and loading dock for the stage). The upgrade is expected to be complete by December 2014. Follow the progress of the upgrade with the photo gallery below.

Before Upgrade: Theater from stage
2 From Stage North Entrance Of Theater Auditorium (2) Before upgrade: Theater from stage featuring windows

3 Dark Theatre With 3 Windows Post Abatementpre Construction (1)

 Before upgrade: the Green Room

6 Green Room

 Before upgrade: the Production Room

7 Theater Production Room ADM Rm 11 (1)

during upgrade: Theater  space
Theater Without Seats During Upgrade (1)During Upgrade: Theater Space


Theater Space During Upgrad 2

during upgrade: Balcony

Theater Balcony During Upgrade (2)

During Upgrade: the green room

Green Room During Upgrade 9 8 14

during upgrade: New West Entrance to Theater

Additional Entrance Being Build On East Side Of Theater With ADA Access (1)

During Upgrade: New West Entrance to Theater

New Entrance During Upgrade