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LCSC History Building Heritage and Historic Photos

Building Heritage

Historic Photos

Activity Center New Exhibit in Reid Centennial Hall
Administration Building  New Exhibit in Sacajawea Hall
Center for Arts and History  Chief Joseph 1899 
Clark Hall  Board of Trustees 1900 
Thomas Jefferson Hall   Baseball Team 1910 
International Programs Women's Basketball Circa 1910 
Language Center  Men's Dormitory Room Circa 1910 
Library  Outside Women's Dormitory Circa 1910 
Mechanical Techinical Building  Outside Men's Dormitory 1915 
Meriwether Lewis Hall  Reid Hall and Dormitories 
Reid Centennial Hall  Students on a Snake River Excursion                           
 Sacajawea Hall Reid Hall with Horse and Buggy
Sam Glenn Complex  Campus Overhead 
Spalding Hall   Graduating Class of 1904

Student Union Building and Williams Conference Center 

Student Union Building 1960 
 Talkington Hall Spalding Hall 
Tennis Center  Talkington Hall 
Wittman Complex   Faculty & First Graduating Class of 1898
   Football 1896 
   Sycamore Trees Planted in 1932