Administrative Services

Records Identification heading definitions

                                                              Heading Definitions

Retention Codes - refer to records regardless of format, type may vary.

AC - After closed, terminated, completed, expired, settled, or last date of contact

AV - As long as administratively valuable

CE - Calendar Year End (December 31st)

FE - Fiscal Year End (June 30th)

LA - Life of Asset

PM - Permanent

US - Until Superseded

                                                         Records Identification Directions

Record Series Title

Record Location

Records Date(s)

Office of Origin

Record Heading/Code

Name of records

Building/Room Location

Date of records

Which department initiated record

To be filled in by records advisor

Record Series Description

Purpose of Record

Reference Frequency

Record Type (paper/electronic)

Record Retention Period

Description of the records

What is the record used for?

How often are they referenced

Paper, electronic, audio, video, etc.

To be filled in by records advisor