LCSC Students Making A Pyramid

Admission Status What does my admission mean?

Tentative Admission

Applicants who have not submitted a final transcript are tentatively admitted to Lewis-Clark State College.

To be fully admitted, you must submit your official transcript at the end of your final school year.

In order to find out more about what to submit, you can check your application status. For more information on Tentative Admission, visit the LCSC Catalog.

Conditional Admission

Freshman applicants who do not qualify for regular admission per our admissions standards are conditionally admitted*. Based on any of the following, applicants are conditionally admitted:

  • Less than a 2.0 GPA on all high school and college transcripts (GED score of less than 600 if high school was not completed)
  • Less than 620 on the SAT (evidence-based reading & writing, and math) or less than a 14 composite score on the ACT.

In this case, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA at LCSC while completing 14 baccalaureate-level credits (12 of which must be general core courses)**.

*You may also be tentatively admitted, so check your application process to see what's left to submit

**Failure to comply with these conditions will result in your degree-seeking status being changed to non-degree seeking which will decrease your credit limit per semester to part-time, and make you ineligible to receive financial aid.

To learn more about Conditional Admission, visit the LCSC Catalog.


Probational Admission

For transfer students or returning students, applicants who do not qualify for regular admission per our admission standards or based on academic standing from previous schooling are probationally admitted*.

  • To remain a full-time student, you will need to attain a 2.0 GPA in all college courses at LCSC**. 

*You may also be tentatively admitted, so check your application status to see what's left to submit.

**Failure to do so will result in academic suspension.

To learn more about Probational Admission, visit the LCSC Catalog.