Idaho College Admission Core Standards

Idaho College Admission Core Standards set by the Idaho State Board of Education (the following apply to high school graduation years of 1992 – present):Reid Centennial Hall

English: Eight credit minimum requirement. 

Composition and literature courses which integrate components of composition, literature and language.

Math: Six credit minimum requirement. 

Applied Math I or Algebra I, Geometry or Applied Math II or III; and Algebra II.  Other math courses may include Probability, Discrete Math, Calculus, Statistics Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry.

Social Science: Five credit minimum requirement. 

American Government (state and local), U.S. History, World History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology and Geography. 

Natural Science: Six credit minimum requirement. 

Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geology, Physiology, Physical Science and Zoology.  Selected applied science courses may count for up to 2 credits. Must have lab science experience in at least two credits. 

Humanities/Foreign Language:Two credits minimum requirement.

Literature, History, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, and interdisciplinary humanities. History courses beyond those required for state high school graduation may be counted toward this category.  Foreign Language is strongly recommended. 

College Preparatory Work: Three credits minimum requirement. 

Speech or debate (no more than one credit). Studio/Performing Arts (art, dance, drama, and music).  Additional Foreign Language. State Division of Professional-Technical Education-approved classes (no more than two credits) in Agricultural science and technology, business and office education, health occupations, education, family and consumer sciences education, occupational family and consumer sciences education, technology education, marketing education, trade, industrial, and technical education, and individualized occupational training.

*NOTE:  A high school credit may only be counted in one category. The Idaho State Department of Education has reviewed and approved specific coursework for college entrance requirements.