WarriorWeb for Applicants

WarriorWeb is LCSC’s online applicant/student record system.  You can view your application status, documents  Computer showing generic web addresswe’ve received, test scores, search for classes and more.

  • Your login is: first initial, middle initial (if applicable) and full last name, ex: jdsmith.
  • Default password is your eight digit birthdate, ex: 01011980 for January 1, 1980.
  • If you can’t login, go to “What’s my user ID?”
  • After you login the first time, you are prompted to change your password. You can also change your password using “Change password”

My Documents

  • This link shows documents that Admissions has received, waived, or is still waiting for.  Use this to determine what you still need to submit to Admissions in order to receive an admission decision.

Admission Status and Acceptance Letter

  • This link shows each term an applicant has applied for admission along with the status of that application.  If your status is incomplete or tentative, go to “My Documents” to see what you still need to send to Admissions.
  • You may also select the appropriate application (check program and start term) to generate an acceptance letter.  Click "submit".

Test Summary

  • Use this link to see your test scores. Go to  “My required developmental courses” to see if you are required to take any developmental courses or SD 100.  Go to “My test score & transfer equivalencies” to see what classes you pass out of per your test scores and how your transfer credits transferred to LCSC. 

Transfer Equivalency Report

  • Admissions will evaluate your test scores and transfer transcript(s) to determine which credits transfer as general education core. Transfer credit, which count toward your intended major, will be evaluated by your faculty advisor. YOU MUST VISIT WITH YOUR ADVISOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO BEGIN THIS PROCESS. 

View Course Offerings

  • The “View Course Offerings” feature is the place to find accurate class schedule information on the current and future terms (including class enrollments).  Enter a term and any other information that you’d like to find on the courses offered at LCSC.  You can search on days, times, instructors, locations, etc.
  • To select up to three course subject headings, use the blue highlighted “Subjects” boxes.  You can also enter course levels to limit the number of courses that will be returned in your search (you must provide levels for either all subjects or none).

Suggestions & Reminders

  • WarriorWeb is designed to be a secure site. As such, the site will time out if not used for a short length of time. You may have to log in again in these situations.
  • Be sure to log off the system AND close the browser window when you are finished.

Need Help?

  • If you experience technical difficulty (logins, passwords, etc.), contact the IT Helpdesk at (208) 792-2231.  If you have admission concerns (admission status, etc.), contact the Office of Admission at 800-933-5272, (208) 792-2210 or