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Residency Determination

Based on the information provided on the college admission application, a residency status (Idaho resident, Asotin County, or non-resident) is determined. Should verification of this information result in a change of this determination, a student's residency status will be changed and reflected in the final bill for tuition.  

Students who wish to appeal their residency status must complete one of the Residency Determination Worksheets below which is then submitted to the Registrar/Director of Admission.

Residency Determination Worksheet- State of Idaho

Residency Determination Worksheet- Asotin County

Becoming an Idaho Resident  

The establishment of domicile in Idaho by a person formerly domiciled outside of Idaho has occurred for residency purposes if the person is present in Idaho primarily for purposes other than educational.  

If the individual for whom Idaho domicile is sought to be proven is a student and has been enrolled for more than 8 credits at an Idaho institution at any time during the past 12 months, that individual is presumed to be in Idaho primarily for educational purposes and is a non-resident unless able to prove residency. To be determined an Idaho resident, an individual must -  

Meet at least one of the following 3 criteria for 12 months before the semester for which residency is sought:  

  1. Held permanent full-time (40+hours/week) employment in Idaho; OR  
  2. Owned living quarters in Idaho; OR
  3. Filing of a full-year resident Idaho state income tax return  


Prove at least 5 of the following type of criteria for 12 months before the semester for which residency is sought:

  1. Rented a home in Idaho;  
  2. Registration and payment of Idaho taxes or fees (vehicle registration);  
  3. Registration to vote in Idaho;  
  4. Holding an Idaho driver’s license or ID card;  
  5. Evidence of abandonment of a previous domicile;  
  6. Presence of household goods in Idaho;  
  7. Establishment of accounts with Idaho financial institutions;  
  8. Other similar factors such as:  
  • Acceptance of permanent, full-time employment in Idaho  
  • Documentation of need to care for relative in Idaho  
  • Enrollment of dependent children in Idaho primary or secondary school