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Career Exploration SD 120

Utilizing curriculum and activities from the Idaho Career Information System (CIS), the Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education and the office of Career & Advising at Lewis-Clark State College, this online course will provide materials and guide high-school teachers as they instruct their students in Career Exploration.  The purpose of this course is to provide a framework where students can explore their interests, skills, personal attributes and the latest occupational information, which are factors for making career decisions.

In addition to learning techniques for career research, students will be guided through activities to prepare them for the world of work. Activities in resume writing, job interviewing and job search not only assist students with immediate practical knowledge to assist with current student employment needs, but will prepare them for the competitive market once they graduate from their respective career programs.

High School students have the opportunity to earn one (1) college credit through Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, by completing 12 modules designated in the left-hand column, in addition to the writing of a paper and completion of a portfolio. Additional modules are available through the eCIS Career Development Curriculum for High Schools and exploration is encouraged for further activities in student Career Exploration and Development.

Course Content Outline 

For downloadable materials, please refer to each Module. 

eCIS LinkeCIS Career Development Curriculum:  Course outline for High Schools 
Module 1  Introduction - Career Decisions and the World of Work
Module 2 The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II
Module 3 Self Assessment - Skills Match
Module 4 Self Assesment - The Party
Module 5 Self Assessment - Career Clusters
Module 6 Occupational Characteristics - Getting What I Want
Module 7 Comparing Resources
Module 8 Information Interview - Lifelong Learning
Module 9 Relating Education to Careers
Module 10 Resumes - Presenting Yourself Well on Paper
Module 11 Interview Skills - Presenting Yourself in Person
Module 12 Job Search Information - Where Do I Go From Here?
Paper Career Report
Portfolio Completed portfolio binder of all materials 
Students Check-Sheet for Course Completion
Instructors Check-Sheet for Course Requirements and Grading 


At this time, the online presentation of this course in Career Exploration is NOT meant to be a stand-alone web class for students to use independently. This online presentation is for high-school instructors to use in the teaching of Career Exploration in their classes. Online content is provided through the office of Career & Advising Services, Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, ID, the eCIS Career Development Curriculum through the Idaho Career Information System, and the Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education.  Links to eCIS, and materials for  Modules 1-12, instructions for writing the Career Report and putting together the Portfolio, along with a Check-Sheet for Students to track their progress and Check-Sheet for Instructors to use for course assessment and grading is provided.