Advanced Opportunities

Module 1 introduction to career decisions and the world of work

What are your "dream jobs"?

In this module, students will explore how good decisions are made regarding the choosing of a career. Students will explore and relate majors to careers and the world of work. 

Have students list three to five dream jobs. These will be revisited later.

Review the Power Point presentation and the Steps in Career Planning. Read and discuss the article "Choosing Your Major." Have students complete the Career-Life Rainbow. Administer The Party. The Party Assessment will be revisited again in Module 4.

PowerPoint Career Decisions and the World of Work
Lecture & Chart Steps in Career Planning
Article Choosing Your Major
Daydream Jobs Daydream Jobs Worksheet
Career-Life Rainbow Career-Life Rainbow Worksheet
The Party - Instructions for Teachers Background & Script for Teachers
The Party Assessment The Party Assessment
The Party - Instructions for Students & Scale Descriptions Student Instructions & Worksheet

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