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Module 5 career clusters

What are Career Clusters?

In this module, students will be introduced to Idaho's 16 Career Clusters and take the Career Cluster Interest Survey. Students are encouraged to compare survey results with the results of their personality (Module 2), skills assessments (Module 3) and the Self Directed Search (Module 4).

Students will take their top three results from the Career Cluster Interest Survey and identify a Career Cluster Pathway and Career Cluster Specialty/Occupation. Students will then download the appropriate Career Cluster Plan of Study to use for their high school to college transition plan. The student's Career Cluster Plan of Study should be printed and available to help guide the student. It is known that people sometimes have a change in their interests and so the Plan of Study may be subject to change.

Note: The following materials and links below are from Idaho's Division of Professional-Technical Education.

Instructor Overview of Clusters What are Career Clusters?
Instructor Overview of Idaho's Structure Knowledge & Skills Charts
Present the 16 Clusters Idaho's 16 Career Clusters
Finding Your Career Cluster Cluster Interest Survey
Career Cluster Study Plan Plans of Study