Advanced Opportunities

Module 8 information interviews & lifelong learning

How can I learn more about different careers? Where can I find out what a career is really like?

How will the job market change? How will my occupation of interest change? What do I do about these changes?

In this module, students will learn about participating in an Information Interview as a method of exploring their career interests.

Also in this module, students can conduct interviews of a related format, to compare education levels with job opportunities. Students will identify changes in the work environment that may require retraining and upgrading of skills and knowledge, and forecast the lifelong learning needs of their career interest.

Because the focus of the interviews are so similar, it is suggested that students conduct one interview, developing their questions to explore in a particular career in general, and also forecast potential changes in that career over time.

Information Interview Article, script and suggested questions
On-line Tutorial
Lifelong Learning & Change Lesson plan & Interview Worksheet