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Academic Probation Info

Students re-admitted after suspension are required to meet with Career & Advising Services before you can register for classes. Prior to scheduling this meeting, please complete the following two steps:   

1. Complete the Academic Probation Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you understand what may have contributed to your past academic issues. It will also provide information about available resources in the upcoming semesters.

The Career & Advising Services office will provide you with information that can help you move toward academic excellence, but you must take responsibility for assessing what it is you specifically need to do to be successful, and then apply what you learn to future semesters.

You may be taking this workshop because you are required to do so, or you may be taking the workshop for other reasons. If it is a requirement, a hold has been placed on your account which prevents your ability to enroll in classes. After you have completed the workshop and submitted your academic plan, your registration hold will be cleared.

At the end of this online workshop, you should be prepared to respond to the questions below and discuss them with an advisor in Career & Advising Services.

  • What led you to earning a probation status?
  • What will you do differently in the future to avoid getting into trouble academically?
  • What resources will be helpful to you in the future?
  • What are appropriate second choice majors?

 Go here to complete the Academic Probation Workshop

2.  Complete the College Level Study Skills Inventory

This computer-based inventory, assists you in understanding your current approach to college-level study skills.Emporia State University has granted LC persmission to use its site for this assessment.  This is what it said about the assessment:  

"There are six critical study skills college students need to consistently be developing: text book reading, note taking, memory, test preparation, concentration, and time management. At the conclusion of the inventory, each of these skills will be assessed based on the manner in which the questions were answered. Be honest when completing this inventory. Answer the questions in relation to your current approach towards college study skills and not how you think you should approach college study skills.

Take your time in completing the inventory and truly think about your current approach to college level study skills." 

Print the results of this inventory and take it with you to your meeting with Career & Advising Services. Go to the College Level Study Skills Inventory

As a reminder, students re-admitted after suspension need to complete these three steps prior to scheduling an appointment with Career & Advising Services. Once these are done, call (208) 792-2313 to schedule an appointment.