Virtual Resource Center for Advisors

Virtual Advising Resource Center

The links below will connect you to our narrated podcasts: 

Conditionally Admitted Academic Students

Debra Lybyer, Senior Director of Academic Advising, The Advising Center, discusses why students are provisionally admitted and the requirements for gaining full academic admission status.

Advising Transfer Students Using Transfer Equivalency Reports (TRER)

Leilani Anderson, former Transcript Evaluator, Office of Admissions, shares basic information about how LCSC accepts transfer credit and how an advisor can best utilize the transfer credit advising tools available through our student record system. 

Student Planning Faculty Demonstration

Debra Lybyer, Senior Director of Academic Advising, The Advising Center, provides an overview of the new Student Planning tool in WarriorWeb, covering progress toward a student's major, planning and scheduling for next semester and planning for all other semesters, and information on how to make and share notes in a student's record. 

Math Placement Basics

Dr. Matthew Johnston, former Professor, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, discusses how students are placed into our mathematics curriculum, how to advise a student who feels they have been mis-placed into a mathematics course, and how transfer students may be placed.

Completing a Program Information Form (PIF)

Joan Bowen, Assistant Registrar, Office of Registrar and Records, walks you through the form students use to obtain or change an advisor, declare majors/minors, degree/certificates, academic level, and catalog year.

Mary Browne, Manager of Student Accounts, Controller's Office, provides a podcasts covering the following topics:

  • Payment- Part 1 - This section describes how students are provided with billing information, fee payment deadlines and structure, payment plans, and confirming payment
  • Financial Consequences of Withdrawing - Part 3 -This section briefly describes the consequences of withdrawing from credits during the semester. 

Degree Audits

Ryan Gill, former Associate Registrar, Office of Registrar and Records, describes how to access Degree Audit in Advising Tools and how to read the Degree Audit Report.

Applying for Graduation

Nikol Roubidoux, Registrar, Office of Registrar and Records, provides a brief overview of the graduation process including what students and advisors should check prior to submitting the graduation application.