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New LC Students What's my first step?

You've successfully navigated the application process and now are an admitted student to LCSC! What's next? The next step is to get registered for classes.  

All new LCSC students attend a STAR (Student Advising and Registration) to get your first semester of classes selected. STAR provides information about financial aid, payments, what to expect from college and how to register. STAR allows new students the opportunity to ask questions and learn basic information about their college careers.  

Who attends STAR?  

  • New Academic Freshmen attend and are advised through Career & Advising Services during their initial semester(s).  
  • New Academic Transfer students will attend STAR and be advised by Career & Advising Services if you are not prepared to take college level math (MATH 108 or above) and English (ENGL 101 or above). If you are a transfer student with 14 college credits completed (students that have taken dual credits in high school are not considered transfer students) and are at college level in math and English, you will be advised by the division in which your major is offered. Contact information for your division is included in your acceptance letter from LC. If you are unsure as to your placement for English and math and know your scores from ACT, SAT or COMPASS, use this link to find where you've placed. Placement Chart
  • New Professional-Technical students need to contact the Professional-Technical advisors at (208) 792-2313 or visit them in Reid Centennial Hall, Room 203, for information regarding the next step in your advising process.  

Are you ready and eligible to attend STAR?  

Have you applied for Admission to LCSC? 

If you have not, contact the Office of Admission at (208) 792-2210

Have you received your acceptance letter from LCSC?

If you have not you can track your app or Contact the Office of Admission at (208) 792-2210 or (800) 933-5272

Have you taken the placement assessment? (ACT, SAT, or COMPASS)

If you have not, you can take the COMPASS test

The next step is...

If you are an Academic student and have answered YES to all the above questions, your next step is to schedule yourself to attend a STAR session. Seating is limited so sign up early. We suggest that you reserve your STAR session two days prior to the STAR date you select. 

If you are a Professional-Technical student and have answered YES to all the above questions, your next step is to contact the Professional-Technical advisors to schedule you PT Intake Interview.  Please call 208-792-2313 to schedule your Intake Interview.

 Spring 2015 STAR Reservation Form

Please be sure that you have read over the above section "Are you ready and eligible to atttend STAR" before completing this form.  

This reservation for is for academic students. If you are entering a Professional-Technical program, please contact the Professional-Technical Education Center at (208) 792-2331 for a reservation at one of their STARs.  


Confirmation of your reservation will be emailed to you within two business days of your reservation.  Detailed event information will be mailed prior to the session for which your reservation was made.  

STAR Reservation

Small group STAR sessions for academic students for spring 2015 are now available. Choose a date from the drop down menu, complete the form and then submit at the bottom.
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