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Why Can't I Register?

You think you are all set to register, so you submit your course choices from Student Planning and you get an error messaging say that you can't. Below, is a list of the most common reasons why you can't register for classes:  

  • You have not been "Released" by your advisor. Each term, you need to arrange for a meeting prior to preregistration to meet with your advisor and go over the courses you've planned to take in Student Planning. Once your advisor reviews your plan and lets you know it is approved, the advisor "Releases" you to register. Not sure who your advisor is?  Go to, "Enter" then "Log In" , go to the "Students" bar, and under "Academic Profile" go to "My Profile and Advising Information". 
  • You have not completed the "Conditions of Registration" in WarriorWeb. Every term, before you can register, you need to read over the Conditions of Registration and check the box at the bottom of each of the pages signifying that you understand your obligations. If you don't do this, you will not be able to register.  
  • You have a "Hold" on your student record. This is a long list of codes that could prevent you from registering for your classes. These holds could be due to an upaid parking ticket or a library restriction due to an unpaid fine or non-return of a book, etc. The name and phone number of the department that has placed the hold will show when you try to register. 
  • During advance-registration, you are trying to register on a day that is designated for other student class levels. The Registrar's Office has the most current information each term on the dates, days, and completed college-level for pre-registration.  Go to the Registrar's Registration page 
  • To check out all of the above situations in one spot, go to the new tab in your WarriorWeb Students Menu- Are you Ready to Register? This new feature is located in the Registration section of your WarriorWeb Students Menu.