Why Can't I Register?

You've selected all of the classes you are planning to take next semester, but when you click on the Plan and Schedule tab, you see a list of notifications and are unable to click "Register Now." Below, is a list of the most common reasons why you can't register for classes:  

  • You have not been "Released" by your advisor: Every semester, prior to registration, you need to meet with your advisor and go over the courses you've planned to take in Student Planning. After your advisor has approved your plan, s/he will release you to register.    
  • You have not completed the "Conditions of Registration." Every semester, you will need to agree to the Conditions of Registration in the Students menu of WarriorWeb.  
  • You have a "Hold" on your student record: View the Notifications in Student Planning for the name and phone number of the department that has placed the hold preventing registration. 
  • During advance-registration week, you are trying to register on a day designated for other student class levels. Registration designation is based on completed credits and does not include enrolled credit totals.  Go to the Registrar's Registration page 
  • To make sure you are ready to register when the time comes, visit the "Are you Ready to Register?" link in the WarriorWeb Students menu.