Dinner with 8 Warriors


The Student Alumni Connection is excited to invite you to start a tradition, Dinner with Eight Warriors, a program that helps create a connection between alumni and current LCSC students. This program consists of alumni-hosted dinners, which enables students to meet alumni, faculty, and fellow students in a casual environment. 

L-C alumni will host students in their homes or at a restaurant for an evening of good food, good conversation and L-C hospitality. 

The goal is to bridge the gap between students and alumni. This is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and valuable connections. These wonderful gatherings can range from hamburgers by the grill in the comfort of your own home to a more formal feast at a restaurant, it is up to each alumnus host. You may also host a dinner with another alumni or your alumni group. The host or co-hosts are responsible for the evening’s food and beverages.

Dinner with 8 Warriors - Alumni Host Form

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