ASLCSC Senate Bills 2014 - 2015

14-SU001 Summer Budget PASS
14-SU002  Transfer fund to Kids College PASS 
14-SU003 up to $1750 for supplies PASS
14-SU004 up to $800 for technology upgrades  PASS
14-SU005 up to $2500 for retreat planning PASS
14-SU006 up to $1400 for promo items  PASS
14-SU007 up to $660 to replace ASLCSC office chairs PASS
14-SU009 creation of Warrior Wednesday position  PASS
14-SU010 Eric Coffelt to Warrior Wed Chair PASS
14-SU011  Kevin Karel to Student Involvement PASS
14-SU012 Santiago Hernandez to Media Relations PASS
14-SU013 Levi Stroud to Chief Justice PASS
14-F003 allotment of $1596 for additional flags PASS
14-F005 Appointment of Evva Koyle PASS
14-F006 Appointment of Lillian Ragan PASS 
14-F007 Appointment of Breanna Burton PASS
14-F008 Appointment of Erik Ekstrom PASS
14-F009 Appointment of Chantel Castaneda PASS
14-F010 Appointment of Stephanie Quackenbush PASS
14-F011 up to $650 for WEB Zombie shirts PASS
14-F012 September Stipends PASS
14-F013 adjusted September Stipends PASS
14-F014 Eric Coffelt to Warrior Wednesday Prizes PASS
14-F015 Padfolios for ASLCSC PASS
14-F016 Authorization to update Section 9 of the Election Code PASS
14-F017 Updating and Ratifying the Election Code PASS

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