ASLCSC Senate Bills 2013 - 2014

13-SU01 Approve Amounts for 2013 Summer Budget PASS
13-SU02 Appointment of Clinton Masters to the CDA Executive Standing Committee  PASS
13-SU03 Spending up to $5000 for miscellaneous expenses for student government conference  PASS 
13-SU04 Spending up to $1750 for office supplies PASS 
13-SU05 Spending up to $1250 to purchase technology related items  PASS 
13-SU06 Up to $2500 for advance registration and planning for 13-14 ASLCSC retreat  PASS 
13-SU07 Up to $500 to be used for promotional material for the summer session  PASS 
13-F001 2013-14 Budget PASS 
13-F002  $5444 for Pathfinder advertising PASS 
13-F003  Reynolds to Chief Justice  PASS 
13-F004  Humpherys to Student Involvement  PASS 
13-F005  $40 for Xbox 360 controller for SUB  PASS 
13-F006  Galarza to Associate Justice  PASS 
13-F009  $500 for Grocery Bingo PASS 
13-F012  Emma Tichacek Clark to Senator PASS 
13-F013  Brett Wilponen to Senator PASS 
13-F014  Stephanie Auker to Media Relations PASS 
13-F015  $573 to Kids College  PASS 
13-F016  $800 for Warrior Wednesday  FAIL 
13-F017  $75 to Silverthorne Theatre Group  PASS 
13-F018 $70 for long range mouse for SUB 225  PASS 
13-F019 2013-2014 Election Code  PASS 
13-F020 April McKelway to Committees Director  PASS 
13-F025 $55.18 for new clocks for ASLCSC office  PASS 
13-F026 Up to $360 for padfolios  PASS 
13-F027 $100 for Benevolence Fund  PASS
13-F028 $500 for Zombies WEB Event  PASS 
13-F029 $60 for Warrior Wednesday 10.9.13  PASS 
13-F030 Up to $1000 for jackets  PASS 
13-F033 Sekayi to Assoc. Justice  PASS 
13-F034 Warrior Wednesday Account  PASS 
13-F035 $14 for plaques for Physical Plant  PASS 
13-F036 Up to $1000 for CDA Harvest party  PASS 
13-F037 Up to $40 for Radio-Tuner  PASS 
13-F038 Up to $10 for sound auxiliary cord  PASS 
13-F039 2013 Fall Grants and Matching Funds  PASS 
13-F040 Fall Stipends  PASS 
13-F041 Stipend corrections  PASS 
13-F042 Warrior Wednesday Budget  PASS 

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