2020 Award Information AWARD DEADLINE MARCH 13, 2020

Please submit electronic nominations for all awards to the Provost’s office no later than March 13, 2020.  Award recipients will be honored at the campus RECOGNITION LUNCHEON on April 10, 2020 at noon in Williams Conference Center.

President’s Award for Outstanding Teaching

Eligibility: Faculty members as defined by the Faculty Association Constitution. Adjunct faculty and Division Chairs are not eligible. There may be no more than one awardee per division per biennium. Eligible divisions for 2020 include, Business, Business Technology and Service, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Teacher Education, Technical and Industrial.

Criteria:  Effectiveness of teaching, quality of scholarly or creative activities, and level of service to college or community. Definitions of teaching, scholarship, and service are consistent with those employed for consideration of tenure and promotion.

ProcedureThe Council of Division Chairs is the awards committee.  Each Division nominates, through the division chair, one eligible faculty member.  Nominations from each division should be in writing and address the criteria.  Chairpersons advocate their respective nominees to the awards committee.  The committee votes, each chairperson casting as many votes as there are awards to be given.  Winners are established by plurality; tie votes are re-voted until the tie is resolved.

LCSC Foundation Award for Outstanding Faculty Member

Eligibility: All full-time faculty members.

Criteria: Teaching excellence as demonstrated by student evaluations and by evaluations conducted by immediate supervisor, contribution to profession as indicated by documentation of scholarly activities, and contribution to college and community service as documented by Division Chairs.

Procedure: Division Chairs submit nominations to the Provost’s Office. The recipient is selected by the Provost and President.

Annice Edmundson Faculty Excellence Award

Eligibility:  All full-time and part-time (non-adjunct part-time) LCSC faculty members are eligible for the Annice Edmundson Faculty Excellence Award.

Criteria:  This award recognizes a faculty member who meets the highest standards of academic excellence with a particular focus on excellence in teaching and mentoring students, as demonstrated by student evaluations and by evaluations conducted by the immediate supervisor.

Procedure: Deans for Liberal Arts & Sciences, Professional Studies and Career & Technical Education submit nominations to the Provost's office.  The recipient is selected by the Provost and President.

Fernández Faculty Excellence Endowment

Eligibility:  All full-time and part-time LCSC faculty members are eligible for the J. Anthony and Diane Fernández Faculty Excellence Endowment.

Criteria:  This award recognizes a faculty member who meets the highest standards of academic excellence in instruction, leadership, or scholarship.

Procedure: The annual awardee will be selected by the President in consultation with the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs.  Nominations addressing the nominee's excellence in any or all of the categories of instruction, leadership and scholarship are welcome

Adjunct Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence

Eligibility:  Adjunct who have taught for LCSC for two consecutive semesters or three of the last five semesters at any LC site (summer school counts as a semester).

Criteria: Nominations must include evidence of excellence in teaching. Such evidence may include ratings from student evaluations over the same period as above, and a minimum of one in-class/online written observation by a division representative during the period, and one similar observation by a site coordinator/director and/or divisional chair..

Procedure: Nominations may be made by site coordinator/directors, faculty peers, or division chairs. All nominations are submitted to the Provost’s Office. The recipient is chosen by the Provost and President.

H.L. Talkington Faculty Achievement Award

The Talkington Achievement Award recognizes the tradition of teaching excellence as exemplified by the career of H. L. Talkington, who came to Lewiston State Normal School in 1899 and was an outstanding instructor here for 40 years. He was the first school librarian, was active in committee assignments, and wrote dozens of publications on Idaho and Pacific Northwest history.

Eligibility:  Regular full-time faculty members who have taught at the college for at least three years. Award recipients are ineligible for the year immediately following their award.  Please contact the Provost's Office at if you question a nominee’s eligibility.

Criteria: Nomination packets must include: demonstrated significant and meritorious achievements in teaching; Evidence of high standards with regard to the rigor and currency of course content, as well as the level of student performance with respect to these standards; Measures of direct impact upon student learning; Evidence of a spirit of academic collegiality.  The record of performance should emphasize the current year.

Procedure: Nominations are to be submitted to the Provost Office, and must include at least three letters of support from colleagues, faculty, administrators or students. A copy of the fall semester student course evaluation results would be helpful. Nomination packets will be reviewed by a committee of five faculty, appointed by the Faculty Association chair.  The chair of the selection committee will be the past year’s award recipient.

Dr. Cameron D. & Marilyn Hinman LCSC Employee Excellence Award

Eligibility:  All regular full-time employees

Criteria:  Nominations must include evidence of excellence in teaching, or scholarship, or service.

Procedure:  The recipient shall be chosen by the LCSC President's Cabinet with input from the Faculty Association, Professional Staff Organization and Classified Staff Organization.