Adjunct Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence

Nominees who have taught for LCSC for two consecutive semesters or three of the last five semesters are eligible; summer school counts as a semester. Nominees must be adjunct faculty at any LCSC site.

Criteria: Nominations may be made by site coordinator/directors, faculty peers, or division chairs; nominations must include evidence of excellence. Such evidence may include ratings from student evaluations over the same period as above, a minimum of one in-class written observation by a divisional representative during the period, and one similar observation by a site coordinator/director and/or divisional chair.

Procedure: All nominations are submitted to the provost’s office. The recipient is chosen by the provost and president.

2018 Rebecca Parks
2017 Carl Kerrick
2015  Diana Brown
2014 Bryce Kammers
2013 Daniel Rudolph
2012 Thomas Walker
2011 Wayne Longo
2010 Gwen Sullivan 
2009 Nancy Johnston
2008 No recipient
2007 Kristin Ungos 
2006 Nancy Lee-Painter 
2005 Brenda Volk
2004 Shelly Hansen
2003 Shirley Koenen
2002 Amanda Meyer
2001 Tim Hunt, Rita McAdoo
2000 Jason Blazzard, Masoud Kazemi
1999 Johanna Harness, Ella-Mae Keatts
1998 Mary Jo Moore, Clay Robinson
1997 Michael Buck, Diana Ames
1996 Scott Waymay, Jane Finan
1995 Laura Petersen, Ladd Hamilton
1994 Masoud Kazemi, Jim Phillips
1993 Delta Heath-Simpson, Kathy Solberg
1992 Robert Singletary, Tamera Fritze