President’s Award for Outstanding Teaching

Effectiveness of teaching, quality of scholarly or creative production, and level of service to college or community as defined in the tenure/promotion criteria.

Eligibility: Faculty members as defined by the Faculty Association Constitution. Adjunct faculty and Division Chairs are not eligible. There may be no more than one awardee per division per biennium. Eligible divisions for 2019 include, Teacher Education, Business, Movement and Sport Sciences, Social Sciences, Nursing & Health Sciences, and Library.

Criteria:  Effectiveness of teaching, quality of scholarly or creative activities, and level of service to college or community. Definitions of teaching, scholarship, and service are consistent with those employed for consideration of tenure and promotion.

Procedure:  The Council of Division Chairs is the awards committee.  Each Division nominates one faculty member.  Nominations should be in written and address the award criteria. Division Chairs advocate their respective nominees to the Chairs Council. The Council votes, each Chair casting as many votes as there are awards to be given. Winners are established by plurality; tie votes are revoted until the tie is resolved.

2018 Kacey Diemert, Rebecca Snider, Gwen Sullivan
2017 Deborah Goodwin, Jay Kimble, Angela Wartel
2016 Roddran Grimes, Kate Flower, H. Marlowe Daly-Galeano
2015 Paul Buckley, Marilyn Heckendorn, Leanne Parker
2014 Clay Robinson, David Wiseman, Jason Blazzard
2013 Scott Wimer, Heather-Henson Ramsey, Teresa Nash
2012 Heather VanMullem, Robert Thorson, Misty Urban
2011 Laura Earles, Debbie Lemon, Diane Driskill
2010 Cliff Matousek, Keegan Schmidt, Michelle Sotka
2009 Ray Esparsen, Brian Fonnesbeck, Lori McCann
2008 Debbie Goodwin, Don Heath-Simpson, David Massaro
2007 Jacob Hornby, Susan Odom, J.R. Seaman
2006 Teri Rust, Delta Heath-Simpson, Verna Studer 
2005 Matthew Brady, Christopher Riggs, James Tarter
2004 Wayne Carroll, John Haehl, Barbara Barnes
2003 Matthew Johnston, Lori Stinson, Rhonda Combs
2002 Mike Bradley, Lana Elliott, Patricia Keith
2001 Gene Straughan, Jane Finan, Beth Hewes
2000 Jennifer Ashby, Gary Mayton, Mary Flores
1999 Sean Cassidy, Mary Lou Robinson, Alan Marshall
1998 Ed Miller, Gwen Taylor, Nancy Swanger
1997 Marilyn Levine, Gretchen Dimico, Bill Kramer
1996 Katherine Baker, Mary Lou Robinson, Carl Brood
1995 Kurt Torell, Carol Matney, Stacey Merrigan
1994 Scott Linneman, Joseph Aiyeku, Bill O'Kelley
1993 Tom Urquhart, Gary Mayton, Nina Woods
1992 Shirlee Hennigan, Joan Gilmore, Mark Smith
1991 Jerry Jolley, Alice Bevans, Clint Glover
1990 Mary Flores, Rhett Diessner, Bob Vail
1989 Mary Blew, Gerald Ramey, Lynn White
1988 Brent Bradberry, Ehsan Salek, Beverly Bowen
1987 Steve Evans, Marvin DeLuga, Marge Stout