H.L. Talkington Faculty Achievement Award

The Talkington Achievement Award recognizes the tradition of teaching excellence as exemplified by the career of H. L. Talkington, who came to Lewiston State Normal School in 1899 and was an outstanding instructor here for 40 years. He was the first school librarian, was active in committee assignments, and wrote dozens of publications on Idaho and Pacific Northwest history.

Eligibility: Regular full-time faculty members who have taught at the college for at least three years.

Criteria: The award specifically stresses excellence in classroom teaching. The record of performance should emphasize the current year.

Procedure: Open nominations to the provost office must include at least three letters of support from colleagues and students. A copy of the fall semester Student Reaction to Instruction results would be helpful. The chair of the faculty will appoint five people to the selection committee and the committee chair will be the past year’s recipient.

2018 Henrik Brosten
2017 Vonda Mulrony
2016 Eleanor Downey
2015 Tracy Flynn
 2014 Dan Mayton
2013 Andy Dahlquist
2012 Gwen Taylor
2011 Harold Crook
2010 Alan Marshall
2009 Jane Finan 
2008 Clay Robinson 
2007 Matthew Johnston
2006 Ella-Mae Keatts 
2005 Christopher Norden
2004 Masoud Kazemi
2003 Kathie Wilcox
2002 Dan Mayton
2001 Tom Urquhart
2000 Betsy VanClief
1999 Michael A. Hill
1998 Scott Linneman
1997 Gene Straughan
1996 Alice Bevans
1995 Okey Goode
1994 Patricia Keith
  Burlington Northern
1993 Mary Flores
1992 Cheryl Granby
1991 Rhett Diessner
1990 Okey Goode
1989 Okey Goode
1988 Barbara McNeil
1987 Shirlee Hennigan
1986 David Sears