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Business Administration Business Administration Marketing Management
Business Administration: Management Accounting Emphasis Leadership Human Resource Management
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General Studies: Business    


Bachelor Programs

Business Administration*

The Business Administration major, offered online and/or in the classroom, is designed to provide an in-depth study of business as a career discipline. This major also provides students with the necessary management competencies to assure ease of entry into business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. With the electives, students can focus their degree on accounting, management, marketing, economics, or select courses in different areas. Students declared as Business Administration majors are not authorized to pursue a second baccalaureate degree in General Business. Business Administration

*This program is an IACBE Accredited program! 

Business Administration: Management Accounting Emphasis*

The Management Accounting emphasis of the Business Administration major provides students with the necessary competencies for careers as internal accountants, controllers, and financial officers. The program is based on the Common Body of Knowledge recommended by the Institute of Management. Business Administration: Management Accounting

*This program is an IACBE Accredited program! 

General Business*

The General Business major, offered either online and/or in the classroom, is designed to serve students who wish to develop a broad range of general management competencies. The major has particular appeal to students who have completed a Professional-Technical program, transfer students with credit from one or more colleges or universities, or those who have gained occupational competencies from life and work experiences. The degree is a practitioner degree that is a good entry point to management training programs. Students declared as General Business majors are not authorized to pursue a second baccalaureate degree in Business Administration. General Business

*This program is an IACBE Accredited program! 

Business And Communication

Students who want a career at the managerial level in areas of business with a heavy reliance on effective communication should consider the Business and Communication major. This joint bachelor’s degree program, in the Business and Humanities Divisions, provides graduates with the communication and business skills needed for success in a business environment. Program requirements and electives provide students with a strong foundation in both business and communication, culminating in capstone courses that students select from either Business or Communication. This degree is for students planning for careers in corporate communications, marketing, public relations, sales, or any media-related business. Business and Communication

Sport Administration

This major prepares students to integrate principles relating to business, kinesiology, and health to the administration and management of athletic programs and organizations, fitness and health clubs, sport recreation services, and related activities. The program focuses on planning and development; promotion, marketing, and recruitment; management of events, facilities, and personnel; and financial management principles. The Sport Administration major is offered jointly with the Movement and Sport Sciences Division. Students must have two advisors, one from Movement and Sport Sciences and one from Business. \


Graduate Highlight

General Studies: Business

The General Studies major serves a number of student needs: for strong liberal arts programs; for thorough pre-professional coursework; as preparation for many graduate programs. Within the guidelines provided by the program it is possible for a student, in consultation with an advisor, to tailor a course of study that is suited to his or her needs, abilities, interests, or academic and professional goals. General Studies: Business

Associate Programs

Business Administration

The Associate of Science degree in Business Administration, offered either online or in the classroom, provides students with a broad range of general management competencies through the introduction of coursework in each of the content areas of business. Students are strongly urged to obtain an Associate degree prior to transferring to another school. Business Administration


Business Administration

The Business Administration minor requires 24 business credits of which at least 12 credits must be upper-division coursework. Students selecting this minor must include substantive foundation coursework in each of the following areas: accounting, economics, information systems, law, management and marketing. Business Administration


The Leadership minor prepares students to accept the responsibilities of leadership so that they are able to exercise that leadership in service to society. This minor presents a multidisciplinary program of leadership knowledge and competencies and develops critical thinking and analytical skills. Students develop leadership skills so that they may participate in meaningful leadership opportunities. Leadership


The Marketing minor provides students with a background in marketing concepts, practices, and issues. The basic elements of the marketing process are explored. Theoretical and practical applications in marketing in the business environment are the focus. Marketing

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management minor prepares students to deal with a variety of human resource issues, including human resource laws, compensation and benefit issues, hiring, training, employee development, evaluation and termination.  The minor requires 21 credits of coursework, of which 15 are upper division.  Human Resource Management


The economics minor introduces students to fundamental economic concepts and issues while strengthening their analytical skills.  As a highly interdisciplinary field, economics can be useful for all students interested in supplementing their existing major.  A minor in economics provides knowledge and information that helps students to critically evaluate how society and government policies affect their daily lives.  Students will have a choice of options to direct their learning to the specific area of economics in which they are interested.  The minor requires 21 credits of coursework.  Economics


Human Resource Management

The certificate in Marketing provides students with a background in marketing concepts, practices and issues. It is designed to prepare students with the skills necessary for success in the dynamic and highly competitive field of marketing. This program is intended for individuals seeking entry-level marketing career opportunities or who already are in an entry level position, as well as business professionals who want to update their skills in marketing. The certificate requires a total of 15 credits.  Human Resource Management

Marketing Management

The Human Resource Management (HRM) Certificate is geared toward individuals who want to enhance their previous educational experiences and/or immerse themselves in coursework related to current job responsibilities or to prepare them for advancement into the HRM field.  Marketing Management