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New Certificates and Minors for Fall 2017 - Available now!

Earning a certificate is a great way for professionals to obtain new skills and continue their education without completing a degree program or minor.  Each certificate is available to non-degree seeking students.

An undergraduate and/or post-baccalaureate, non-degree-seeking student may declare an Academic Certificate by filling out the Academic Certificates Program Information Form (PIF).  Non-degree-seeking students may earn the Academic Certificate as a stand-alone credential.  Academic Certificates not attached to an Associate or Baccalaureate degree program are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid. 


Certificate in Marketing Managment

    The certificate in Marketing provides students with a background in marketing concepts, practices and issues. It is designed to prepare students with the skills necessary for success in the dynamic and highly competitive field of marketing. This program is intended for individuals seeking entry-level marketing career opportunities or who already are in an entry level position, as well as business professionals who want to update their skills in marketing. The certificate requires a total of 15 credits.

Certificate in Human Resource Management 

    The Human Resource Management (HRM) Certificate is geared toward individuals who want to enhance their previous educational experiences and/or immerse themselves in coursework related to current job responsibilities or to prepare them for advancement into the HRM field.

New Minors

Minor in Human Resource Management

    The Human Resource Management minor prepares students to deal with a variety of human resource issues, including human resource laws, compensation and benefit issues, hiring, training, employee development, evaluation and termination. The minor requires 21 credits of coursework, of which 15 are upper division.

Minor in Economics

    The economics minor introduces students to fundamental economic concepts and issues while strengthening their analytical skills. As a highly interdisciplinary field, economics can be useful for all students interested in supplementing their existing major. A minor in economics provides knowledge and information that helps students to critically evaluate how society and government policies affect their daily lives. Students will have a choice of options to direct their learning to the specific area of economics in which they are interested. The minor requires 21 credits of coursework.