Center for Arts & History

Facility Use & Plate Project

Facility Use

Contact us at (208)792-2447 to schedule an appointment and for additional information. 

Terms of Use

LCSC Center for Arts & History is available for readings, lectures, small presentations, events, and meetings. Also available for use in the building is a kitchen, projector, laptop, podium, tables, chairs, and wireless microphone system.

Availability of space depends on exhibition needs and departmental resources. Facility use approval is at the discretion of Lewis-Clark State College. Capacity depends on the space being used and the exhibition on display.

All facility use requests need to be made at least 3 weeks in advance. As The Center for Arts and History is an entity of Lewis-Clark State College, all food service must be arranged through LCSC Catering Services. If an alcohol permit is requested, 3 months notice is required.

CAH Plate Project

If you are looking to cut back on waste from your parties or events, consider using the Center for Arts & History Plate Project. You rinse and we do the washing! We have plates, serving platters, bowls, cups, mugs, utensils and more available for small or larger groups!

Two weeks notice is preferred. Donations of plates, cups, mugs, utensils and linens are always welcome.