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Graduate Employment Stats Your LCSC education at work for you

You've completed your educational journey at LCSC.  Learn what this means for employment or service work.

Completing your education is a milestone to be celebrated!  Once the party is over, what does your LCSC education mean when it comes to the next step- work, service to your country in the military, or voluteer work through an agency like the Peace Corp? Learn about what 543 of the 620 graduates during the 2012-2013 academic year said in the annual Graduate Survey. You'll feel good about investing in your education at Lewis-Clark State College!

Within six months after graduating in 2012-13, students are reporting:

Employment typeNumberPercent
Employed related to degree/training 320 59%
Employed not related to degree/training 104 19%
Pursuing additional education, including post-graduate work 76 14%
Military 0 0%
Not in labor force 7 1%
Unemployed 36 7%
Totals 543 100%
Salary type
Salary typeSalaryRespondents
Average Hourly Wage $16.21 200
Hourly Wage Range $7.25-$40.00 200
    Median $14.39  
    Standard Deviation $6.60  
Average Annual Salary $42,387 74
Annual Salary Range $11,539-$100,000 74
     Median $37,500  
     Standard Deviation $19,023  
Annual Salary of Respondents Working >39 hrs/week $44,152 58
Salary Range of Respondents Working >39 hrs/week $11,539-$100,000 58
     Median > 39 hrs.week $39,000  
     Standard Deviation > 39 hrs.week $18,852  

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