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Teacher Fairs

Teacher Fairs give students a chance to:

  • Get the up-to-date info on teacher supply and demand
  • Learn how to manuever through the district application process
  • Attend job fairs and be successful in your job search
Upcoming Teacher Fairs:
  • None at this time

Career/Job Fairs

Career/Job Fairs give students a chance to:

  • Establish job contacts
  • Explore career possibilities
  • Gather information about an employer

Career/Job Fairs provide students with excellent opportunities to explore career options, learn about hiring practices of individual companies, procedures for applying for work with these companies, specific coursework required in various occupations, information about cooperative education opportunities, and other preparation for an edge in entering the job market.

Students can capitalize on what the Career/Job Fair has to offer by doing some advanced preparation. Consider the following pointers. Clarify your goals - know why you are going to the Career/Job Fair and what you want to get out of it. Review the list of participating employers and identify those with whom you wish to talk. Know something about the organizations you plan to visit and prepare a list of questions to ask (this requires some research). Take your carefully prepared resume with you. Employers will recognize and remember the well prepared, motivated students who visit them during the Career/Job Fair; some advanced preparation on your part will make you one of those students.

Upcoming Career/Job Fairs:

Information for Students: 

  • None at this time

Veteran's Hiring Conferences

Resource for Job Fairs in Washington/Idaho