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2014 Artisan Awards

We are proud to announce our Best in Show and Best in Category awards for the 30th Anniversary Art Under the Elms Artisan Fair held April 25-27, 2014

 Best in Show was judged during the event and based on:

  • Quality of work and materials
  • Presentation of Booth
  • Salability - Value of Art balancing talent, time, and pricing. 

Only artists who were accepted in the first round of the jury process were eligible for best in show.  

Best in Show winner will not have to pay a booth fee at next year's show.  Our Runners up will recieve 20% off of their booths for next year. 

2014 Best in Show

 Psychadellic Sister Creations - Jennifer Green and Dianne Wright - Fiber/Wearable - Weiser, ID

A Colorful Assortment of items and Clothing

Runners up for Best in Show

Terry Jones - Mixed Media 3D

Lisa's Creations - Jewelry 

Best in Category Awards were awarded based on the jurors original scores during the jury process.  The winners have the highest average score amongst thier peers.  

Best in Ceramics

 Mountain Brook Studio - Tom and Marcie Briney - Kalispell, MT

Best in Drawing

Sarah Lee Cox Studio - Sarah Cox - Renton, WA

Colored Pencil Drawing of woodpecker

Best in Fiber/Wearable

hglidden~Silk Artist - Helen Glidden - Fruitvale,ID

A Green Silk Screen of a Purple Iris

Best in Fine Craft

 Mountain Madness Soap - Jennifer Morsell - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Best in Furniture

 Hangloose Hammocks - David and Brandi Egnatz - McCall, ID

A Woven Blue and Tan Hammocks

Best in Glass 

Studio Rynkiewicz - Mariusz Rynkiewicz - Everett, WA 

Best in Jewelry

 Lisa's Creations - Lisa Dean-Erlander - Boise,ID

Best in Metalwork

CB Custom Knives - Charles Brooks - Newton, NC

A Polished Hunting Knife with a Finished Handle

Best in Mixed Media

cori dantini makes - Cori Dantini - Pullman, WA

A Bunny and A Mushroom Standing In the Wind

Best in Mixed Media 3-D 

 Terry Jones - Troutlake, WA

A Vase with Geometric Designs

Best in Painting

 Artwork by Paul Sloan - Paul Sloan - Emmett, ID

A Single Ostrich Painted on Three Canvases

Best in Photography 

Light Capture Photography - David Forster - Wenatchee, WA

A Field of Tulips at Sunset

Best in Pre-Packaged Foods 

Brush Creek Creamery - Brian and Rebeccah Salmeri - Deary, ID

A Logo of a Field and a  Mountain Range

best in Woodworking-Tied:

SJ Woodworking - Steve Bonora - Nampa, ID

Hardwood Spatula

Jake's Toys - Jake Szramek - Salem, OR 

A Wooden Toy Plane