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Women's Leadership Conference

Women's Leadership Conference

2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference
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Lewis-Clark State College
Friday, March 8, 2019


The 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference – Raising Our Voices, provides new perspectives on how women in the community and the workplace can effectively impact positive change through our various ways of speaking up – for ourselves and for others. This conference celebrates our strength in working collaboratively and the strength each of us has to contribute to making positive impact in our community.

Keynote Speaker: Amy Pence-Brown

Taking Up Space: Fat Feminism, Body Liberation & Being an Advocate for Radical Change 

Workshop topics could include:
• What does it mean to practice ‘Self-Care’
• Actions and skills for women of any age to ‘Raise their voice’ in their own way
• The importance of and how to develop networks of support amongst peers and mentors
• Body Positive – what is it why is it important

The day consists of three 20 -30 minute plenaries (opening, noon and closing) and two to three 50 minute breakouts in morning and afternoon sessions. The day concludes with a concert by Women Empowered by Singing Together (WEST) directed by Dr. Sarah Graham.


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