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2015 Dogwood Festival T-Shirts

2015 Dogwood Festival T-shirts


Print a 2015 Dogwood Festival pre-order form and send form to:

Dogwood Festival Office - 415 Main Street in Lewiston

Fax Form to 208-792-2850 or Email form to

2015 Shirt Design

Dogwood2015 Tshirt YELLOW2015 Dogwood Festival Collectible Artwork by Cori Dantini

Standard Shirts

 LPC54 Athletic Heather Yellow Design Front  PC54 Athletic Heather Blue Design Front
 PC54LS Athletic Heather Front Logo  PC54LS Athletic Heather Yellow Design Back

Specialty Tees

DT240 Frost Grey Yellow Design Front

DT240 Jade Blue Design Front

DT240 Green Tea Blue Design Front

DT241 Frost Grey Yellow Design Front

DT241 Jade Blue Design Front
DT241 Light Pink Blue Design Front