Coeur d'Alene

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Checklist for Students Where to find what you need

Classroom Locations

  • Classes are held live through the North Idaho College campus, online through LCSC Blackboard and IVC (video-conference) with live classes on main campus Lewiston.
  • Live classes on North Idaho College are held all over the campus, but primarily in the Molstead Library on the second floor.  
  • Questions regarding classrooms including schedules, faculty and more can be directed to our front office at the Coeur d'Alene Center at (208) 666-6707.

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Ordering Textbooks

  • Visit our online bookstore at To determine which books you need, log in to WarriorWeb, click on "My Class Schedule", and click on each class link. Textbooks cannot be charged directly to your financial aid.


  • Since live LCSC-CDA classes are held on the North Idaho College campus, you will need to purchase a parking permit through NIC's Parking Services.  Parking Services are located in the NIC Student Union Building in the first floor foyer.  

Student IDs

  • The front office at the center can help students with getting their student ID.  Come in anytime during office hours to get your picture taken and walk out with your ID!  
  • Replacement student IDs are $10 if lost.

Student Groups

  • Students looking to be an intergral part of student life here at the LCSC-CDA Center can join various student groups.  Joining clubs and organizations can range from honor societies to program specific groups.  Explore your options for getting more involved here.