Coeur d'Alene

Student Government

Associated Students of Lewis-Clark State College Coeur d'Alene (aslcsc-cda)

ASLCSC-CDA serves as the student government for LCSC Coeur d'Alene, acting as an advocate for Coeur d'Alene students. 

LC Chronicle  

The LC Chronicle is the LCSC-CDA student newsletter, produced each semester by ASLCSC-CDA.


Questions or comments?

We want to hear from you. Ask us a question or share a concern or suggestion. 


ASLCSC (Lewiston)

The primary student government of LCSC, of which ASLCSC-CDA is an extension.

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Spring 2014 Calendar

ASLCSC-CDA committee meetings (open to the public): Bi-monthly, held on every other Monday of each month, 4pm at Harbor Center


 Staff Advisor: Rebekah Pichotta | 208.292.2685