Controller's Office

FAQ's accounts payable

Has this Purchase Order been paid?
This can easily be answered by logging into the Colleague CF system and looking up the Purchase Order in question, using mnemonic PINQ. Note the status of the Purchase Order at the top of the PINQ screen. Check out the Accounts Payable Handout section for a copy of other Colleague screens and useful tips.


What object code should I use?
To assist the departments in the proper use of the expense objects we have created a handout with descriptions for each expense object. Check out the Accounts Payable Handout section on this website for a list of expense objects.


When can I pick up my check?
Checks are available for pickup after 3:00 p.m. at the front desk in the Controller’s Office. Your department will receive an e-mail when a check is available for pickup.


Do I notify anyone on returns?
Yes, Please notify both Purchasing and Accounts Payable staff when you return any equipment or supplies. This allows us to adjust payment accordingly and follow up on the status of credit memos or replacements.


Where's my check?
Have you signed up for LC Direct Deposit? LC Direct Deposit funds are submitted weekly, paper checks for employees that have not signed up are issued only twice a month, on the week of the 10th and the week of the 20th. Expedite your reimbursements by signing up for LC Direct Deposit.


What options are available if I missed the check deadline?
In special circumstances, a check may be needed outside of the normal check processing cycle. Emergency check requests require approval from the Controller. All necessary paperwork (RQ, TR, ICP) needs to be hand carried to the Accounts Payable staff. The department head can then contact the Controller with the request for emergency check consideration. Once approved, the paperwork will be processed and the department notified when the check is available for pickup.


When do I pay sales tax?
Lewis-Clark State College is exempt from Idaho sales tax for all institutional purchases. For goods purchased from vendors located outside of Idaho we are not required to pay sales or use tax if the goods are received within the State of Idaho. If you take receipt of the goods anywhere outside the State of Idaho the transaction is subject to that state’s sales and use tax.


Who has to approve requisitions?
Each department has staff authorized to approve requisitions. Generally, the department head has signatory authority with additional signatures as required by the Division. All purchases over $2,000 will require the next level of authority signature. i.e. Dean, Provost, Vice President, President.  All club accounts required two signatures: the advisor and one officer of the club. All computer related purchases require the I.T. Director’s signature. After all the signatures are obtained, the requisition is reviewed by the Accounts Payable staff. We verify that all signatures are obtained, that a valid account number is listed, and that funds are available. 


I picked up the invoice with my order; does the Controller’s Office need it? 
Absolutely! Most vendors only provide one invoice for our records. If your department receives the invoice in the mail or obtains the invoice at the time of delivery please forward the original invoice to the Accounts Payable staff in the Controller’s Office for processing. If the invoice is received via email please forward the invoice attachment to More vendors are sending electronic invoices, so please provide the Accounts Payable email address ( as the contact email address.