Controller's Office

Inter-Department Charges

Inter-Departmental charges (ID's) are used by internal service providers to charge other institutional departments for goods and services provided. ID's are not to be used to reclassify charges or move funds between accounts.

IDG-General Used for Bookstore, I.T., Club, and other internal departmental purchases
IDM-Miscellaneous Used when more than one cost center is to be charged for the same inter-departmental transaction
IDP-Printing Used for printing charges from the Copy Center
IDW-Workorder Used for Physical Plant workorder charges

The IDP forms are available in the Copy Center, SamGlenn bldg, room 104. All other ID forms are available in the Controller's Office, Admin bldg, room 103.

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A trick to look up an ID in the Collegue system is to go to the VOUI screen and type the following in the voucher lookup field:  ; 'VOU.DEFAULT.INVOICE.NO EQ 'IDG#123456'   (enter)