Controller's Office

Prepayments payments in advance

Lewis-Clark State College requires an approved Purchase Order prior to committing institutional funds for direct billings.  However, there are occasions when a vendor may not accept a Purchase Order or P-Card as a method of payment.  In most cases, a substitution of vendors can alleviate this problem.  In the cases that another suitable vendor cannot be found a prepayment can be requested. 

What are acceptable reasons to justify prepayment?

  • LCSC is unable to open an account with the vendor based on credit terms.
  • The order form states that a check must accompany the order.
  • The Purchase Order is returned with a request for prepayment.

What procedures are required to request a prepayment?

  • Verify that an approved vendor is being used.
  • Obtain a price quote including any applicable shipping and handling.
  • Complete a purchase requisition.
  • Complete an order form and forward to the Controller's Office.
  • Indicate prepaid in the comments field on the requisition.
  • Indicate mailing preference in the comments field; department pickup or normal mail procedures.
  • Submit the approved requisition to the Purchasing Department at least five business days before the check is needed.

What can be done if no vendor order form is available to support a prepayment request?

  • When payment is needed prior to receipt of goods or services indicate on the requisition “Invoice to Follow”.

The department is responsible for the return of all unused funds, associated with a prepayment, within 5 business days after receipts of goods or services. Unused funds should be returned to the Controller’s Office so they can be deposited back into the original cost center and recorded as a reduction of expenses.