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Valid Receipt

When payment is made to an individual or vendor, a Lewis-Clark State College representative pays for the product or service and obtains a receipt documenting the purchase. An acceptable receipt has all five of the following attributes:

  1. Vendor name & address
    a. If not printed on the receipt, ask the vendor to stamp or print the business name & address on the receipt
  2. Date of purchase
    a. The purchase date should not exceed 30 days prior to submitting for payment or reimbursement
  3. Detailed description of the purchase
    a. Itemized descriptions for each item purchased, including quantity
  4. Total amount paid
    a. Sales tax should not be included on any in state purchases
    b. Sales tax can be reimbursed for out of pocket purchases tendered by an individual
  5. Method of payment
    a. Receipt should reflect if transaction is a direct bill to LC or paid in full
    b. If payment method is via personal credit card, the receipt should reflect the employee's name along with the last 4 digits of the credit card.

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Here's a few extra tips and ideas about valid receipts:





  • If approved by the next level of authority, a gratuity on an approved meal reimbursement may be included. The gratuity can be handwritten on the detailed restaurant receipt. 15-18% is acceptable.
  • Paper clips increase the chance for a lost receipt. To ensure a receipt is not separated from the payment document, staple it to the document. If the receipt is small, tape it to an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper prior to stapling it to the document.
  • Credit card slips are not a valid receipt unless all five items listed above are included.
  • E-mail receipts must identify all five items listed above and have the business name in the e-mail address.
  • All receipts must clearly be from a third party source with detailed descriptions of the relevant purchases.
  • If a receipt is lost, the individual who lost the receipt must demonstrate a good faith effort to obtain another receipt from the vendor. If unable to obtain another copy, a written request for undocumented reimbursement maybe initiated. The request needs to be approved by the requestor’s supervisor, attached to a requisition and processed through the normal purchasing process.